Margo Schwab
Margo Schwab is a seasoned social reporter having covered charitable and private events for print, online and video entities in San Diego for over 20 years.  She is not only a writer but a professional photographer. Articles have included social reporting, worldwide golf tournaments, exclusive interviews with celebrities, travel, and fashion. She has also produced, shot and hosted chef and destination videos.
With a BA from Scripps College and a MBA from the University of San Diego, Margo utilized her international marketing focus to become the pioneer of online social coverage with what has become known as the San Diego Social Diary Magazine. For charities, Margo has emceed, volunteered, photographed, been a menu judge, a wave runner rider participant, a beauty contest judge, a hat judge, a fashion model, and a competitive surfer. In her free time Margo loves her new sport Stand Up Paddling, windsurfing, cooking, movies, and spending time with her family including her husband Scott, and her Service Dog, Kima. Kima by the way is the Arthritis Foundation’s Dog Honoree for the third year.
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