Real Pirates Storm Shores of San Diego County

National Geographic's "Real Pirates: The Untold Story of Whydah from Slave Ship to Pirate Ship" exhibition opens the San Diego Natural History Museum on Feb. 8.

A pirates treasure awaits you in Balboa Park. The San Diego Natural History Museum announced Thursday that tickets are now on sale for the National Geographic's Real Pirates exhibition.

The exhibition, which opens Feb. 8, showcases more than 200 artifacts from the first fully authenticated pirate ship discovered in U.S. waters and other pirate treasures, including chests of gold coins, jewelry, pistols, knives and cannons.

The museum said this new exhibition tells the story of the crew of the Whydah, a real pirate ship that was originally intended to be a slave ship. 

"The exhibition provides visitors with an unprecedented glimpse into the unique economic, political, and social circumstances of the early 18th century Caribbean," the museum said. "It is highlighted by the compelling stories of the diverse people whose lives converged on the vessel before it sank in a fierce storm on April 26, 1717."

Tickets are $27 for adults, $24 for seniors (62+), $21 for students and military, $21 youth (13-17) and $18 for children (3-12).  Tickets can be purchased online at sdnat.org/realpirates. Admission includes general access to all other exhibitions in the Museum along with 2D and 3D films in the giant screen theater.


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