David Copley Hosts Council On Literacy Reception

The Chairman’s Circle reception for the San Diego Council on Literacy was held Thursday night at the La Jolla home of David Copley.

The 18th Annual Chairman’s Circle Reception for the San Diego Council on Literacy took place last night at David Copley’s home named Foxhill in La Jolla. Literacy has been a family passion and tradition of the Copley family, in particular, for his mother the late Helen Copley. 

And so after years of being held at the former James S. Copley Library in La Jolla, and one year at National University, David Copley generously opened his home and underwrote the event for major donors and special guests of the San Diego Council on Literacy.

Among those there were longtime supporters Judith Harris and Dr. Robert Singer. Harris said, “A holiday tradition that always brings a meaningful message of support and brotherhood. Plus being at Foxhill and remembering Helen Copley's belief in the importance of literacy gives us renewed inspiration.”

The 2011 Learner Speaker Recipient Awardee John Corcoran spoke about his path to literacy after being illiterate for 48 years. A feat that is remarkable when you learn his history. Corcoran graduated from college in 1961, by 1979 he had taught high school for 17 years, and in 1987 he learned how to read. In addition, Corcoran earned $50 million in the 80’s in real estate development, but it is being literate that is priceless to him. 

Literacy is now his passion. He speaks nationally about his life experiences. Corcoran is one of many success stories resulting from the volunteer reading programs at the San Diego Council On Literacy. 

More there supporting literacy were CEO of the San Diego Public Library Foundation Jay Hill, Linda and Mel Katz, Andrew Shelton, Drew Schlosberg, Carrie Scott, Karen Trimble, Karin Winner, and Valerie and Harry Cooper. 

“It was a beautiful event at Dave Copley’s home to celebrate the Council on  Literacy” said Valerie Cooper. “What a wonderful organization in our community to eradicate illiteracy for both children and adults.  Over the years the heartwarming success stories have truly amazed me. To think in an industrialized country we still have people who are unable to read. With the volunteers, this group helps individuals achieve triumph in that goal. John Corcoran’s talk was truly touching and a fabulous victory over being unable to read until the age of 48!” 

And the San Diego adult illiteracy statistics are staggering. Over 450,000 adults in San Diego County have a below-standard level of literacy, according to the San Diego Council on Literacy.

So with holiday cheer, cuisine temptations by Waters Fine Catering, and David Copley’s hospitality, literacy supporters learned of an additional reason to celebrate. La Jollan Audrey Geisel had just given yet another big gift to the San Diego Council On Literacy. A check for $50,000.

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Margo Schwab December 10, 2011 at 01:35 AM
Vassya I will be doing more on the Social Diary for this as well as the Best Dressed... it was so nice to meet you the other night!
kimasdad December 10, 2011 at 04:07 PM
Many thanks to David for opening up his home for such an important event. The speaker, John Corcoran, had a truly amazing story to tell and it's outstanding that he travels the country to inspire and share this most important gift with so many people in need.
Melvin Creedmoor December 11, 2011 at 03:07 PM
If David Copley is so high on literacy, why did the party boy flush his newspaper empire down the toilet?
Margo Schwab December 11, 2011 at 05:13 PM
Melvin, David sold his businesses. He has been steadfast in continuing his support of literacy in our community. People are allowed to retire.
Melvin Creedmoor December 11, 2011 at 08:36 PM
In order to retire, one must first work, a word Copley is obviously allergic to. The stupidest thing Helen ever did was entrust her newspaper empire to David in order for him to run it into the ground. How many employees did "publisher" Dave throw on the street simply so he could frolic on his yacht? He could have been a great man, a man of influence, and instead he threw it all away on a good time. It's greedy corporate do-nothings like Copley who helped trigger the Occupy movement. Think about that the next time you two clink champagne glasses.


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