Wake-up Call to ALL San Diegans

North to South, East to West of San Diego. . . help stop THREE dirty fossil fuel power plants in our county!


In Nov 2012, the CPUC released a proposed decision stating that THREE dirty gas-fired power plants in San Diego are NOT NEEDED!    But to date, a final decision has been delayed 3x while corporate interests lobbied the CPUC against the proposed decision.  A final decision is now expected Feb 13th in San Francisco.

On Friday (Feb 1st) a related CPUC public forum took place in San Diego.  It was preceded by a rousing public rally. The forum lasted from 6-9 pm.  From 150-200 attended despite the CPUC's extremely short notice.  The video of news coverage is included. Here's an article from East County Magazine.

The next morning, the iconic South Bay power plant implosion took place.  Diane Takvorian, of Environmental Health Coalition said: "Congratulations to everyone who worked for decades to put an end to dirty power in South Bay! Let's never make that mistake again!"

Yet, SDGE and power plant companies aim for 3 more dirty power plants, that will substantially increase negative impacts, even though they are not needed.   What disturbing, wanton disregard.

You can still help to stop the Pio Pico, Quail Brush & Escondido power plants.   Sacramento needs to hear from you ASAP!  Follow instructions below and please share this article.

The sample letter below from Preserve Wild Santee can be copied, pasted, personalized, & sent.

Email yours to CPUC: public.advisor@cpuc.ca.gov & CEC: docket@energy.ca.gov

Instructions to send to Gov. Brown are provided below the sample letter.

__________________SAMPLE LETTER START__________________

Subject: Support CPUC Proposed Decision A1105023 and Prevent GHG Emissions from un-needed power plants and ratepayer rip-off in San Diego County

Gov. Brown, CPUC and CEC Commissioners,

I join the more than 8,000 Californians that have contacted the CPUC to support the Proposed Decision regarding three un-needed power plants in San Diego County.

The Proposed Decision, if adopted, can prevent the emission of over 900,000 annual tons of greenhouse gases by denying purchase power tolling agreements. The most significant of these plants are Pio Pico, estimated to release 685,000 annual tons of GHGs and Quail Brush with over 200 annual tons.

The public would be saddled with at least $1.2 billion in construction and finance costs for Pio Pico and Quail Brush in exchange for only 23 permanent jobs.  

In stark contrast, a San Diego Energy District plan to accelerate the adoption of distributed roof top solar can create thousands of clean energy jobs that keep funds circulating locally.

 The energy industry is lobbying heavily to get the CPUC Proposed Decision reversed. So, we are asking you to protect the public interest by formally supporting the Proposed Decision at the CPUC.


[Your name, your address]
[Your city, state, zip]

POSTSCRIPT TO CEC: Please conceal my contact information and add my letter to the docket of Case 11-AFC-03 – Oppose Quail Brush Power Plant. 

[NOTE: Your contact info is required by the CPUC to accept your letter, but not by the CEC who will upload your letter to the CEC Public Comments online.  You may elect for your contact information to be shown or not.]

________________SAMPLE LETTER END_________________________

Click to submit the letter to Governor Jerry Brown 

Once at the Gov's website, scroll down, enter your name and email, choose “public utilities commission” for subject, click Continue. Paste your letter in the space.

You could also fax or US mail to:

Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 445-2841 
Fax: (916) 558-3160

Please help this cause.  Share this with your family and friends.  Get connected today:  Like, Sign-up, Stay Updated, Participate, Donate. . . .







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TMcC February 08, 2013 at 04:40 PM
If that rhetoric offends; these may help redirect the sting: http://taxdollars.ocregister.com/2013/02/05/edison-employees-rack-up-millions-in-business-expenses/165532/ http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/news-ticker/2013/feb/02/filing-sdge-sce-ratepayers-getting-shafted-over-sa/ Please email the CPUC, CEC, Gov. Brown. Time for effective public governance versus special interest-dictated policies.
TMcC February 08, 2013 at 05:53 PM
Read all about it: San Diego Union Tribune - Feb 7, 2013 - N. Capretz MORE FOSSIL-FUEL POWER PLANTS UNNECESSARY http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2013/feb/08/tp-more-fossil-fuel-power-plants-unnecessary/?page=2#article-copy "We must demand more from SDG&E to produce big solutions to big challenges we face." . . . "In fact, San Diego is on the cutting edge in this arena already. SDG&E proudly announced smart-grid breakthroughs just last week that will allow it to prevent blackouts and integrate renewable resources seamlessly. UCSD has its own nationally recognized microgrid – an on-site energy generation, distribution and management network that balances renewable energy, electric vehicles, storage and demand management."
Libi Uremovic February 09, 2013 at 01:18 AM
ed - wind, sun, and water are the power of the future...and we've known that for 40 years...we'll see asia move ahead in energy technology.... ..and we'll buy retail from them ...on credit of course... ed, i'm so old i can remember when this country was the world's leader in technology.....but that was about $16 trillion ago...
misswisconsin February 09, 2013 at 03:13 AM
I am a 30 year veteran who put my life on the line to preserve this nation's freedom. I do not want to spend my retired years breathing the toxic fumes of a natural gas power plant in my community. There are other cleaner and safer forms of energy available that do not endanger the health and quality of life of the people around them. I've sent in my letters to CPUC, CEC and Gov. Brown, have you?
Ed Sorrels February 09, 2013 at 06:28 AM
Libi, You are just a spring chicken, I remember vividly my first job pumping gas in our little town, 1946 and I had just turned 12 And I mean actuall pump, you pumped it up into a glass metered container on top of the pump and gravity fed it to the cars, or trucks, It was 12 cent's a gallon, cigarettes were a dime a pack in the machines and you got two cent's back in the package and lucky strikes had a green lable !


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