One Thing That Will Make You Healthy and Fit Tomorrow

Well, I promised you the secret “one thing that will make you healthy and fit tomorrow” and here it is...

I just finished my CEUs for my nutrition practice. Every 2 years I have to complete so many hours of continuing education so I can bring you this wonderful information. I spend thousands of hours doing my own research every year, but still I have to put in my “official” CEUs.

The funny thing about it is that I waited until the deadline to turn in all my paperwork to avoid those late fees. I had 2 years to get this done, why did I wait?

It is human nature to wait until the last minute to get things done.  I notice my kids are usually up late on Sunday night working on a project or term paper they had all quarter to do. In college, I was the same way. At work, I was the same way. I always waited until right before the thing was due before I got it done.

We tend to do the same thing with our weight and our health.  I always use to say,

“I will get to it tomorrow” or “I will lose those extra pounds tomorrow” or “I will start working out and get in really good shape tomorrow.”

The problem is that there is no deadline on losing weight or getting healthy. The deadline is always tomorrow. And, what if tomorrow really is THE “dead”line (meaning, you kick the bucket, take the big nap, sell the farm…you get the idea).

Now, this sounds harsh and it is, but look at the headlines. The top killers in the U.S. are directly related to what we eat (or probably even more accurately what we don’t eat). Not only that, these ‘killers’ are hitting us at a younger and younger age. I have had multiple friends my age that have died of cancer (and I am not that old). Stats are out now that 1 in 2 men will get cancer in their lifetime (and 1 in 3 women).  Now THAT is harsh to me!

A very high percentage of people that come to me have been diagnosed with something. Why is that? Well, now they have a real deadline.

The good news is many of these conditions can be reversed with food, but not if you wait. So, why do we wait?

Ultimately, we wait because we have bad information. We think getting fit and being healthy means exercising and going on a “healthy diet” (and we all know that is no fun)! Now, this article is not about that, if you really want to understand why diet & exercise is bad information you can check my video.

The problem is that “diet & exercise” is NOT the permanent solution for weight loss and health. We all have tried it and failed. In fact, we may have tried and failed multiple times, which further programs our brain’s negative feeling towards the “diet & exercise” process.

The funny thing about it is, we NEVER blame the approach as a flawed approach, we always blame ourselves for failing.

That is crazy – we blame ourselves for failing something that by design is flawed.

But, what if there was an easy, painless and even pleasurable approach that did not have to do with “restricting calories” or the things you loved or running endless hours on a treadmill?  What if you could eat whatever you wanted and have the body you have always wanted?  Would that make it a little easier?

Well, I promised you the secret “one thing that will make you healthy and fit tomorrow” and here it is:

Start Today!

You will never be healthy and fit if you are always telling yourself you will start tomorrow. You have to start today!  It is not hard. In fact, it is easy. All it takes is to make one SMALL painless change that will move you towards a healthier you. Deep  down you know what they are, so just pick one.  Pick one and implement it into your routine TODAY!  Commit to it for one month, then pick another SMALL change to implement for one month.

Imagine you took that first step today. Now, think ahead twelve months from today, where will you be?  What will you look like? What will you feel like? Got it in your head? Good!

Now, think about where you will be in twelve months, if you start tomorrow (which remember never comes)?  Where will you be? What will you look like? What will you feel like? How much closer will you be to your deadline?

When it comes to your health, don’t wait until the deadline.  It does not have to be painful or difficult to improve your health. In fact, I can’t tell you how much fun I have with my clients. When you start today, with an approach that actually works and that isn’t painful, it suddenly all gets very effortless.

If your weight loss or ‘get healthy’ journey is a struggle…if you can’t seem to get yourself started…you’re probably putting it off because you know it’s ultimately not going to work for you. You probably blame yourself – instead of the approach. Don’t get stuck there. Find a different approach.

The day is not over yet. Start today.

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