Top Five Places to Nap in La Jolla

Looking for a great place to rest your head and grab some summertime Zzz's? Patch has the top five places to nap in 92037.

Whether you enjoy a 15-minute power nap or a lengthy afternoon siesta, La Jolla has numerous spots outside of the house to doze. 

La Jolla Patch has been working very hard testing these nap locations for the past few months and now we bring to you a list of the most comfy locales to grab a catnap. 

Top Places to Nap in La Jolla:

  1. The beach cabanas at are at the top of the list. While they are only available after Labor Day and through mid-May, the cabanas are a personal lounge areas complete with settee, two chairs and a dedicated server to serve up food and beverages. The downfall is that you need to be staying at the Beach & Tennis Club to reserve a cabana. Also note, during the summer months the Beach & Tennis Club has lounge chairs available too. Comfort: The settee and lounge chairs have fluffy cushions and offer full shade. Cost: $75 to $150.
  2. : If you prefer a naked nap, then this is your place. It is very quiet with only the sound of the waves rolling in at Black’s. Disclaimer: remember to bring extra sunblock. Comfort: Soft sand to lie out on. Cost: Free.
  3. : Although this location can get a bit of foot traffic, it is usually quiet up there. Plus the grass is extremely plush and comfy. The breeze is quite nice at this elevation as well. Comfort: Soft grass. Cost: Free.
  4. Cuvier Park aka The Wedding Bowl: Located at the foot of Cuvier Street and atop the cliffs overlooking the ocean, the wedding bowl is a perfect little grassy area to take a nap. The little park is typically used for weddings and has excellent views out to the ocean, although you won’t really need that with your eyes closed. Comfort: Soft grass, but can be crowded during weekends and holidays. Cost: Free.
  5. : Any excuse to get a massage is a great excuse. Try to fight off the Zzz’s during a treatment at the Spa at Estancia – we dare you. The can even have a massage outside in a private garden setting with the sun on your back and strong hands working out the knots. Comfort: You might wake up drooling. Cost: 50 minute massages start at $120.

Runners up are: Parked in a car along North Torrey Pine Road facing the ocean by Torrey Pines State Reserve, the Sun God Lounge and the Why Not Here Lounge on campus, and the sunroom at the (although we do not endorse napping at the library.) 

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