LJCDS Lacrosse Coach Taking on the Math Department

Rory Hyland may not be a newbie to La Jolla Country Day, but this year he is making his debut as a member of the middle school teaching faculty.

Rory Hyland began working as the Lacrosse and Roller Hockey coach back in 2009 and has enjoyed it so much he is looking forward to working with the students in an even larger capacity this year.

Hyland is teaching seventh grade Pre-Algebra and Intro to Algebra. These are both subjects he is excited about.

“Pre-algebra has always been one of my favorite subjects. You get to watch kids start to learn the next level of math and start to feel comfortable with math,” he said.

Moving to California all the way from Maryland, Hyland admits west-coasters do things a little differently out here, at least when it comes to hockey.

An avid ice hockey player, Hyland has made the transition and has helped other students do the same, from the world of ice hockey to the West Coast version: roller hockey.

The LJCD Roller Hockey team moved up to a higher league last year, and Hyland is hopeful that enough students will sign up this year to have a competitive team.

Hyland will have his hands full coaching, teaching, and maintaining the top record for the lacrosse team. Hyland’s first year, he took the lacrosse team to first place at the Coastal Conference, and he’s not holding back this year.

Hyland also played lacrosse for Brown University where he majored in Business and taught at Blake High School in Silver Spring, MD as a Math and P.E. instructor.

This new school year holds a lot of prospects for Hyland and he’s ready to take it all on, saying this is the happiest he’s ever been in his life, and that could be due in part to the southern California sunshine.

If he loves one thing most about La Jolla it’s, “riding my bike through Bird Rock and up to the Cove and reading and snorkeling there,” Hyland said.

cheech February 21, 2013 at 09:13 PM
Congratulation ! Have a great season ! Thanks for everything. E.C.C. Cheech


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