Financial Problems May Lie Ahead for SDUSD

San Diego Unified School District is just one of a handful of school districts in the county reporting financial distress.

The San Diego Unified School District administration building. Patch file photo.
The San Diego Unified School District administration building. Patch file photo.

Fewer school districts in San Diego County and statewide are reporting that they're in financial distress, the state Department of Education announced Wednesday.

In state-mandated fiscal reports issued last month, officials at one local school district—San Ysidro Elementary School District—indicated it would be unable to pay its bills in the current school year or the next two academic years.

Authorities at two other districts—Ramona City Unified and San Diego Unified—acknowledged that financial problems might lie ahead.

Last year, six local districts issued reports that suggested financial uncertainty.

Statewide, the number of districts issuing such certifications is down by two-thirds over the past year to 30, according to state Superintendent Tom Torlakson. Nearly 190 districts statewide issued qualified certifications two years ago, according to the CDE.

"A combination of factors over the past few years has given schools the tools they need to take control of their own future again," Torlakson said. "Although we won't be finished until every school is on stable ground, this is welcome news that school funding is moving in the right direction."

School districts are required by the state to report on their financial health a couple of times a year.

They can issue a positive certification if officials know they can meet their obligations in the current and next two fiscal years. A qualified status means they're uncertain. A negative certification means the school districts will not be able to pay their bills.

—City News Service


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