Video: CHS Neighbors Upset Over Parking, Traffic, Trash, Sex and Noise Situation

A Community advocacy group called RONPAS (Reclaim Our Neighborhood Parking And Sanity) was developed by 130+ residents neighboring Carlsbad High School who feel the situation has gotten out of hand.

Julie Peebles Peterson, a RONPAS member, wants Carlsbad High School, the Carlsbad Unified School District, the city and the police to help her and her fellow neighbors reclaim their neighborhood parking and sanity. 

"We haven’t had street sweeping on our street for probably two years," said Peebles Peterson.

In addition to dirty streets, she told Carlsbad Patch in an interview, neighbors have complained about students urinating on their lawns, doing drugs and even having sex in front of their homes.

RONPAS member Maria Curry who has lived near CHS for 15 years said it is the noise that bothered her the most. "I found it put me in a bad mood," she explained. Fortunately some of the noise pollution has been eliminated after members of RONPAS reached out to the school and school board for help. Pop Warner football for instance, no longer uses a loud PA system from morning till night on Saturdays. 

However, Curry who is a real estate agent, said noise pollution does more than just put people like herself in bad moods. It's also dropping property values. "A neighbor had her house appraised it and was appraised for $50,000 less due to being near the school. The appraiser happened to be there when school had just let out," she said.

Parking and traffic are other causes of concern for neighbors who were once optimistic that the new parking lot at CHS would make the situation better. 

Unfortunately, many students avoid the new lot.

"From my conversations with students, the parking lot is far from classrooms and students would rather park on street closer to their classrooms," said CHS Principal Matt Steitz. 

Principal Steitz said the school is actively working on getting students to use the parking lot. Currently, to get a free parking permit for the lot students must attend a start smart class then turn in their insurance and paperwork. However, out of 300 students who have taken the class, only 100 followed through to get to permit, said Steitz.

"We tell them park in the parking lot anyway, but there are still not filling it up," explained Steitz.

Another reason students said they don't park in the lot is because it takes too long to exit it. Steitz said the school is working with city on making it easier for students to exit parking lot and hopes to find solution that works for the RONPAS group as well.

Erin Levorchick November 13, 2012 at 08:45 PM
How much money is being spent on this? I think school district money should be focused on the students right now. If I purchased a home near the high school I would expect there to be some issues. If it is an inconvenience then don't live near a school.
hollyinsd November 13, 2012 at 10:58 PM
I agree Erin, we all know that we purchased homes by the schools, mostly doing so for convenience. It isn't like the schools were just built there, they were there before you bought... Unless you inherited 60+ years ago. Now if there's an issue: ie: drugs, trash etc, call the PD... They're right there on the campus. Those things are illegal no matter if by a school or not. Make the PD do more than patrol the village, I honor our PD but lets be honest, when they were more visible last year, we had less incidents. Complaining about the schools is like complaining there's traffic around the schools & that's a moot issue as well. You chose to live there. In this day & age, pictures speak volumes. Take a picture of illegal cars, etc & turn it over to the PD. Then possibly there will be enough sanity lost on the city's behalf that they'll wake up & protect all out children in the whole area, at all the schools. I'm sorry, but this is just not a feasible argument. You purchased there knowing there was a school within blocks & most of us desire that, hence the high value of homes. Regardless of one "appraiser".
jch November 14, 2012 at 12:29 AM
I get that noise and traffic is obnoxious, but we were all high school students once. You chose to live by the school so now time to deal with that choice. Stop trying to change activities and how they go on at the school. Sometimes the loud speakers make an event. My children will be going there and I want them to have a great real hs experience, so please don't screw that up for them. Please do keep working on the illegal activities though.
Teri December 05, 2012 at 07:16 PM
as a neighbor of the school first of all I want to say that not all the kids are bad, but the ones that are, are really bad. Twice I almost got hit while out walking my dogs. I see kids smoking and fooling around all the time in broad daylight...I hope these aren't your kids. I would have never thrown trash, car tires, condoms, etc. in peoples yard, nor would I have knocked down a mail box and taken off. I would not have screamed at a senior to speed it up as she walked across the road, in the crosswalk mind you then call her names that I can not repeat. Do you teach your kids to flip people off just because they are out walking. We have neighbors who are afraid to come out of their houses and others who can't get out of their driveways. Yes, when I bought my house here over 15 years ago I knew there would be increased activity during the school year but on A saturday from 6 am - 8:30 PM there were not constant pop warner games, with a constant flow of traffic, garbage and verbal abuse so before you leave a commit take a walk in our shoes, come over and drive around in our hood at 7 :15 am,12:15, or 2:30. There are times when we can't even pull into our driveway because parents are blocking our access. If everyone uses some common sense and courtesy it would make the world and the high school much more tolerable!
Adele Beauchamp December 05, 2012 at 08:13 PM
@Erin L...I did not buy near the high school..but I am on a street that the high schoolers use and also a street that is used by everyone to get to the high school. I can assure you that if people were driving 50 on your street or cursing out elderly or damaging property, you would not be saying"well, I purchased near a high school" That is akin to telling someone who is robbed "well, you bought in a bad neighborhood". Laws are laws regardless of where you live. Your attitude is part of the problem. Living near a high school should not subject anyone to what is happening near CHS right now.


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