SPEAK OUT: Would Sanford Candidacy Be Bad for State?

Former governor getting most of the early attention in SC1 race.

The most-talked about candidate in the most-talked about race in South Carolina will have no shortage of obstacles if he’s to be elected.

Since letting it be known that he’s going to pursue the 1st Congressional Seat vacated by the ascension of Tim Scott to the Senate, former Gov. Mark Sanford has assumed the role of early frontrunner.

Sanford should be able to raise the most money of any of the candidates whose names are being floated as possible contenders. And none of the rumored names can match his name recognition. But, as everyone knows, Sanford’s name recognition is not simply due to his status as a former governor.

Multiple sources have told Patch that there is a sentiment within Republicans ranks in South Carolina for Sanford to stay out of the race and some of that sentiment comes from surrogates of elected officials.

Those uneasy about a Sanford candidacy point out that L’Affair Maria will have to be rehashed again and that will take away from the type of issue-based race that they believe is needed. The race is going to be brief anyway, they say, and spending time discussing Sanford’s private life won’t be helpful. The spectacle of A Sanford campaign won’t do any favors for South Carolina’s national reputation either.

Those who spoke to Patch could simply be planting seeds of doubt to benefit candidates they prefer, but some former Sanford loyalists aren’t too enthusiastic, either. Former aide Chris Drummond has already committed to work for the campaign of Teddy Turner.

One source told Patch that Sanford asked former wife Jenny to run his campaign—as she had run his previous campaigns for the House and Governor’s office. The former First Lady declined the offer.

So, would a Mark Sanford candidacy in SC1 be bad for South Carolina?

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Cookies Mom January 10, 2013 at 09:18 PM
I play 2nd to nobody, thanks. My husband keeps telling me he knew he married Miss Right-it wasn;t until after the wedding that he realized my first name was Always-LOL! Leave 'em in stitches, er, um, laughing that is, not heading to the ER.
Pat Plaster January 11, 2013 at 02:43 AM
I agree. I'm not interested in giving him another elected position in SC.
John January 12, 2013 at 08:47 PM
Unbelievable Clinton, while president encouraged a teen to have oral sex in the oval office and thats only a slight faux pas, while Mark Sanford had a indiscretion with an adult women and Dan Quail misspelled potato and both were universally condemned by the liberal citizenry. Go figure !!
reg January 12, 2013 at 08:59 PM
1) Clinton didn't bill taxpayers for his escapades (which were with a 23-year-old, *not* a teen --- keep the facts straight). He didn't violate any law, either. 2) Sanford *did* bill taxpayers for his affair, which is why a court ordered him to pay over $70,000 back to the State of South Carolina. He also violated code when he left without establishing a proxy (i.e., didn't notify Lt. Gov.) -- and had we been in any emergency that requires governor's orders, the whole state would've been left hanging waiting on his return. 3) NO ONE IS DEFENDING CLINTON. Only *you* (and one other who wants to misdirect this topic) bring him up --- 4) as for Quayle, don't get me started ....
stanley seigler January 12, 2013 at 09:25 PM
previous posted comment: i though slick willie should have resigned...but that would have been a big mistake...he had us on the path to debt reduction w/ budget surpluses [then along came W]...how DID he DO IT... ditto FDR and JFK...ie; their morals escape me...but unless one is an extreme partisan, its hard to deny their contributions to our country...maybe sanford could be a great one too...course i wouldnt vote for a GOP... BTW think it's good newt and edwards are no longer on the political scene...difficult to explain but, my opine, their morals re politics were different than FDR, JFK, clinton...maybe sanford.


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