Sidewalk-Fix Bumblers? San Diego Pressured with Photoblog Called Stumblr

Based on Tumblr, new website aims to draw attention to crumbling and cracked city walkways.

Cracked and crumbling San Diego sidewalks are the focus of a new photoblog based on Tumblr, reports Voice of San Diego, expanding on an earlier report headlined San Diego’s Nonsensical Sidewalk Rules.

It's called The Stumblr.

Voice notes that homeowners and business owners must repair and maintain sidewalks outside their properties.

Exceptions are explained on a city website, saying the city of San Diego “is responsible for the maintenance of sidewalk damage caused by vehicle accidents, water main breaks and natural subsidence.”

But Voice reported: “The city, however, doesn’t give you much incentive to take care of your sidewalk. The city will fix sidewalks at intersections and those damaged by trees. It offers to split the cost of sidewalk repairs with homeowners. And if someone stumbles over the sidewalk outside your house, generally it’s the city’s legal problem, not yours.”

For its part, the city details its 50-50 payment cost-sharing plan and says:

With an ever-increasing sidewalk repair backlog, some delay is to be expected. If your sidewalk is raised or cracked because of a city owned tree, our Urban Forestry section will make the repairs at the request of the property owner. … The waiting period for sidewalk replacement after the field assessment is approximately 240 days. This is a great way for the property owner to cut their costs for sidewalk replacement.

In December, council President Todd Gloria urged creation of a committee to address San Diego’s estimated $800 million infrastructure backlog.

“I am proposing creation of the Infrastructure Committee to bring necessary focus to the condition of the city’s streets, sidewalks and structures,” Gloria said. “I have heard the call of San Diegans that they are tired of driving over potholes and tripping over sidewalks. This committee will be able to develop comprehensive solutions to a citywide challenge.

But older, poorer neighborhoods may get less attention than affluent and newer communities such as La Jolla, Rancho Bernardo and Carmel Valley.

Are sidewalks in your neighborhood in need of repair?  Share your thoughts and photos here as well.


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