Scott Peters Will Run for Congress

Port Commissioner and former San Diego Councilman Scott Peters, who lives in Muirlands, announced he will run for Congress.

On Monday, Scott Peters, a port commissioner and former San Diego councilman, announced he will run for Congress and challenge incumbent Republican Brian Bilbray.

Peters, a La Jolla resident for 22 years, was a councilman for District 1, which includes most of La Jolla, for eight years.

“I was honored to represent this unique community at the City. Working together we fixed the Throat, renovated Bird Rock, rebuilt , and brought the U.S. Open to ,” Peters said in an email to La Jolla Patch. “Just think of how much the Congress could accomplish if its members applied this same cooperative approach.”

Peters said his priorities will be to create jobs in our area, develop an energy policy that reduces dependence on foreign oil, to keep our commitments to veterans and their families, and to end the “irresponsible patterns of spending that created a skyrocketing national debt.”

“The American people, especially San Diegans, don’t care as much about party politics as they care about their jobs, quality of life and their children’s futures. They are embarrassed and worried that our national representatives can’t put personal politics aside and put the people they represent first,” he said in his announcement.

“Some of our Representatives have worked within the Washington D.C. Beltway for so long, they’ve forgotten they work for the people back home,” he added. “I will bring an independent, problem-solving approach to Washington to help end the gridlock that’s hamstrung our current Congress.”

As a member of the San Diego City Council, Peters supported redevelopment projects such as the construction of PETCO Park.

He also has traveled to Washington for the past several years with the EDC and the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce to secure funds to support and improve public facilities in San Diego, according to his campaign.

Peters and his wife Lynn have two children. Their daughter is in college and their son is a senior at Francis Parker School.

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