SD Planning Commission Pushes Back Children's Pool Year-Round Rope Decision

The permit application to erect a year-round rope barrier at the Children's Pool in La Jolla will be re-noticed for a later hearing date. It was originally scheduled for Thursday.

The city’s Planning Commission will not vote Thursday on the permit for a year-round rope barrier at the Children’s Pool in La Jolla. According to city officials, the meeting was cancelled because it was not properly advertised.

State law requires public notice of all meetings at least 72 hours in advance, according to an email by Deputy City Attorney George F. Schaefer.

“Due to an unfortunate error by city staff, tomorrow’s scheduled matters were not timely noticed on the city’s website,” Schaefer said in the email dated Wednesday afternoon.

The meeting will be re-noticed and held on an undetermined date.

In July, the California Coastal Commission approved the year-round rope barrier request at the Children’s Pool. The city of San Diego had applied for a year-round permit to install and maintain a 4-foot high, 152 linear foot rope barrier with a 3 foot opening for ocean access at the Children’s Pool as a buffer between humans and harbor seals. The city currently erects a rope barrier during the winter months for pupping season of seals that make the small beach their home.

The procedural next and final step to install and year-year rope barrier after the Coastal Commission decision is to send the issue back to the city’s Planning Commission, which will consider a site development permit. 


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