Mayoral Candidate Spotlight: Bonnie Dumanis

Dumanis has focused on education in her mayoral campaign.

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis says it's time for San Diego to have a woman for mayor and that she's just the one to fill that role.

With the backing of outgoing Mayor Jerry Sanders, Dumanis has campaigned with a focus on tackling education issues and enhancing public safety. Dumanis has trailed behind Councilman Carl DeMaio, Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher and U.S. Rep. Bob Filner in the polls. She also is up against a lesser known candidate, Tobiah Pettus.

In the official voters guide, Dumanis argues that she has the "courage" to be mayor:

Proven. Decisive. Trusted.

Bonnie Dumanis is an experienced, innovative, three-term District Attorney, former Superior Court Judge and prosecutor. She is a proven leader and the only candidate who's run a large government organization with 1,000 employees. She brought accountability, transparency, efficiency and change to the DA's Office while maintaining a 94 percent conviction rate.

The Courage to Make Tough Decisions: Bonnie sent murderers to prison for life, took on special interests and fought corruption in local government. She has focused on gang prevention and elder abuse to protect our communities. She helped write Jessica's Law and pass Chelsea's Law, making California one of the toughest states on child predators.

Experience in Local Government: Bonnie has 30 years experience at every level of government, from clerk typist to DA. Bonnie makes government work for taxpayers.

As Mayor, Bonnie will:

  • Ensure real pension reform.
  • Cut red tape to help businesses bring more jobs to San Diego.
  • Fix our city's schools.
  • Repair potholes, sidewalks and streetlights.
Bonnie has lived in San Diego for 38 years; served on MADD and Big Sisters boards.

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