Newspaper Calls on Monrovia to Hold 'Real Election'

The Pasadena Star-News challenged Monrovia to extend its candidate filing period so more candidates could run for two open City Council seats following the controversial resignation of former Councilman Clarence Shaw.

A local newspaper called on Monrovia to extend its candidate filing period to encourage more people to run for two open City Council seats instead of canceling the elections in April.

The Pasadena Star-News wrote in a Wednesday editorial that Monrovia's muddled election situation has become "bewildering and ultimately undemocratic" after Councilman Clarence Shaw's controversial actions left voters with just two choices for two open council seats.

"The right thing to do would be to extend the filing period and invite other interested and qualified Monrovians to run for office," the paper wrote.

Shaw told Patch that he intended to run for re-election the day before the filing period closed but then never filed to run, resigning a day later. Councilman Tom Adams has accused Shaw of pretending to run to discourage potential candidates from coming forward to challenge his appointed replacement, Larry Spicer.

Shaw has said that he pulled out of the race at the last minute to attend to military obligations.

It is unclear whether the council has the power to extend the nomination period for the election under California law. Mary Ann Lutz said in an interview Wednesday that her understanding from a memo written by City Attorney Craig Steele is that the council can only cancel the election or hold it with the two nominated candidates.

Tom Adams January 24, 2013 at 11:05 PM
City Hall at 7:30 PM
Tom Adams January 24, 2013 at 11:11 PM
Danielle, there are a few reasons I suspect this. First, he bought a home in Washington State, at a time he was to only have a few more months deployed there. Second, he told everyone including the press that he would file, right up to Tuesday, he promised he would file. Wednesday was the deadling and he was a no show, Thursday he resigned. It appears as though he felt he needed to keep the game up and let Wednesday pass. He told the press he had an opportunity for some Army promotional studes that came up late. He was with Mr. Spicer for several hours the day before filing deadline. This is a man who sold us all a bill of goods for his School Board seat which he did not complete, then sold everyone a bill of goods for his Council seat which he did not complete. At some point you look at all of the facts and just realize that he is not being hoinest with anyone, including his family. This is a sad day for Monrovia.
Marg January 25, 2013 at 02:25 AM
I haven't seen any signs around town for any candidates. Last time, there were so many I wondered where all the money was coming from to pay for it.
Erin Thorn January 25, 2013 at 04:42 AM
I have held my tongue for years but have to weigh in here. I first met Clarence Shaw at a Monroe Elementary Coffee with the Principal. He walked in dressed in his military ensemble and immediately began to introduce himself to everyone in the room as a new resident of Monrovia, who was interested in the school because his son would be starting elementary school the next year. My co-PTA board member friend and I were highly impressed, as I'm sure everyone else was, that a parent of a student who wasn't starting school until the next year was coming to our meeting, and of course, his uniform helped solidify our impression as well. Lo and behold, within the year Clarence was running for school board. He went on record as saying he was a "PTA member" although I never saw him attend a meeting that year. He did sign up for PTA and I do remember his wife agreeing to be our Auditor, but Clarence was not an active member at any time. I followed him on the school board and was not impressed with his work there. He usually sat quiet at the meetings and just gave his vote. Rarely did he weigh in on things or start/participate in any discussions or ask questions for more insight.
Erin Thorn January 25, 2013 at 04:42 AM
Continued - The next thing I know he was running for city council and the man who owns the Monrovia Market(across from Monroe) was offering to pay teenagers to walk the streets, going door to door passing out literature for his candidacy. He was elected and we all know what's happened from there. Definitely not a solid performance as a city council member, he was hardly a part of it at all. I will say Clarence is a nice man and I have never had anything against him, but he came to Monrovia with a plan to seek local political office and that has never sat right with me. For these reasons I will say that I am 100% sure he planned to do exactly what some here are accusing him of, and that was to ensure a city council seat for Mr Spicer. Now that it is too late to do anything but go with the candidates who have filed papers, I surely hope they will dedicate themselves to doing this job well for our city. It's tiring to see nothing but self serving individuals seeking political office because so many of us are not willing to risk the time and money needed to run for office.


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