HP Gets Whopper of a Check from City Utilities

The rebate check is for the company’s new energy efficient building.


The City of Palo Alto Utilities reported Monday that it has delivered a rebate check to Hewlett Packard for nearly half a million dollars.

The company’s new data center was designed with energy efficiency at its core, projected to save enough electricity each year to power 640 homes. When it is fully loaded, the new data center could increase the city’s total electrical usage by 12 percent.

Among the feature in the building’s design—it’s cooled almost entirely with fresh air rather than air conditioning.

The exact amount of the rebate check is $495,970.

HP staff, with the assistance of Cooper Preuit Engineers Inc. and Enovity Inc., came up with a design.

Palo Alto Mayor Yiaway Yeh was on hand to help present the check during a regular meeting CPAU holds for large commercial facilities managers.

HP has previously received over $700,000 in rebates from CPAU. According to the city, other energy-saving projects implemented by HP include:

  • installing clear vinyl curtains from the ceiling to contain heat exiting from data server racks.
  • oversizing air intakes and relief louvers to bring in outside air to cool labs without using supplemental fans
  • increasing chiller efficiency by using models with variable speed drives


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sister madly August 28, 2012 at 03:44 PM
hp should put that money right back into the city's electrical system upgrade project...that i'm sure is making the data center possible...or give it back to the city to support animal service...it would make up nearly the entire deficit for that department.


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