Councilman Buys Guns, Advocates for Local Gun Range

The newly sworn in councilman asked his colleagues for their consensus to consider changing the city’s code to make it easier to open a gun range within the city limits despite the recent Newtown shooting.

Despite talks of the need for more gun control laws across the country—Murrieta Councilman Harry Ramos is advocating changing the city’s code to make it easier to open a gun range in the city.

Although there has been a push for gun control following last week’s school shooting in Newtown, CT, Ramos said he doesn’t think the tragedy will make it more difficult to change the city’s code so that a gun range could open in Murrieta. In fact, he told Patch it’s like "comparing apples to broccoli."

Ramos—who was recently sworn into office—said at Tuesday's City Council meeting that he discovered there wasn’t a gun range within the city limits when he and his wife purchased his-and-her firearms on Monday. He asked his colleagues to consider adding one at a later council meeting.

“I was mortified to hear that there are no shooting ranges within the city of Murrieta,” Ramos said during the meeting. “As a citizen, even though I do support gun rights 100 percent, I am completely for properly handling guns. I don’t see how that should even be a factor in this consideration.”

Although he said he doesn’t know if Murrieta needs its own gun range, Ramos would like to change the city’s code so that if someone wants to open a gun range they can.

“The free market will decide,” he said during an interview with Patch. “I personally am against any types of codes that limit legal business within the city limits.”

A strong supporter of the Second Amendment, Ramos said he is “a little turned off” by some of California’s gun laws. To obtain a Handgun Safety Certificate when they purchased their guns, Ramos and his wife had to pass a 30-question test. Although Ramos said his wife had never even touched a gun before Monday, his wife easily passed the test.

“There was absolutely no point in this test for gun safety because my wife has never had any training,” he said. “It really just seems like a way to make money for the state.”

If the city’s code is changed after the City Council considers his proposal, Ramos said he would like to have an indoor gun range in Murrieta so that community members like his wife can learn how to properly handle a firearm.

“I hope that there are some local entrepreneurs who are willing to take on this endeavor,” Ramos said. “I think they will be very successful.”

Oldtimer Lu December 22, 2012 at 04:47 AM
There is a lot of people with guns out there. And sales are brisk and have been for at least the last 4 years. I think having a safe place to go shoot would be a good thing. My grandmother used to have a shotgun by the door and we never thought anything of it. Its better to respect guns rather than fear them. We also ought to reopen the mental hospitals. And another thing, how about arming those ROTC teachers? And bring Junior ROTC classes to middle schools?
LetsBfair December 22, 2012 at 06:37 AM
Amen Oldtimer. Take it a step further and give the citizens of california the right to carry once again so that citizens can stop these terror attacks. The "first responders" will always be a citizen first. God Bless Lu.
Mary December 22, 2012 at 03:33 PM
Someone, LetsBfair, is telling stories. Ramos is not a 20 year Marine, he is a 10 year. He was released on disability, but never served in combat. ( how’s that work? ) He grew up in and with the Bronx gangs, so drug free is doubtful. During his campaign he stated he had read the municipal code top to bottom, but yet he didn’t know until AFTER he had purchased 2 weapons that, first, there were no ranges in Murrieta, and that second, there was no allowance for them in the code (something read from top to bottom?). Spending that amount of money and learning AFTER THE FACT about these things, mortification was his reaction, and not said in fun. Purchasing 2 weapons begs for other questions. Certainly one household doesn’t require 2, especially with small children in the house. If for sport, then anyone would have already known IN ADVANCE where they could be used. I submit the dual purchase came with an expectation to carry, something very unnecessary, especially in this valley. Ramos’ priorities are not only a bit out of whack, they are highly suspicious. BTW, in my view of the council reaction, they weren't smiling. The reaction was in amazement that Ramos would speak of a duel gun purchase shortly after the Sandy Hook incident.
Alek J Hidell February 21, 2013 at 03:10 PM
We DO have mental hospitals; they are open and thriving. They are called PRISONS. We need more. We can easily afford tent prisons out in the desert, as in Maricopa County Arizona. Works great there. We can also put our criminal aliens there in the work camps (illegal entry=crime). 10 years BEFORE deportation. That's how Mexico does it to the Central Americans who sneak across their southern border.


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