Barth Interested in SANDAG Spot

Council members lobbied for regional boards, commissions and local committee assignments at Wednesday's meeting.

The new City Council gave the public a preview of who would serve on the various regional boards, commissions and committees, when the members discussed the process of how Mayor Teresa Barth would choose the appointees during the Wednesday meeting.

The actual appointments will be made at the December 19 meeting. According to assistant city manager Richard Phillips, the city’s municipal code specifies the process of appointment. With a motion by the mayor and a majority of the City Council, a member is thereby appointed. 

Barth requested the discussion be placed on the agenda because the process was unclear during her six-year tenure. “There was never a public conversation among the council,” she said. Barth said it was important to know who has the desire and availability to serve on particular boards as she decides whom to nominate.

Council member Kristin Gaspar said the process “felt a little like a fill in the blank exercise” when she was appointed to her first boards two years ago. In 2010, Gaspar replaced Barth as alternate representative on the San Diego Association of Governments, or SANDAG and North County Transit District, or NCTD.

Gaspar asked that she remain on the Encina Wastewater Authority, where she was sworn in as chairwoman this morning.  She told the council she did not want to commit to any additional assignments.

Typically the mayor represents the city on the coveted SANDAG board. Barth expressed interest in the position.

Council member Tony Kranz said he was interested in NCTD, as he has long been active in finding solutions to the challenges that face the railroad corridor.

Councilman Mark Muir—a former fire chief and member of the Olivenhain Water District board—showed his interest in related positions.

“I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that I’m interested in water and safety,” he said. “Go figure,”

He also declined to continue serving as the city's liason with the Encinitas Union School District. "I get to talk about school enough with my wife," he said. Muir's wife, Maureen, is a trustee on the school board.

While Deputy Mayor Lisa Shaffer expressed interest in serving on the League of California Cities, she said her teaching commitment at UCSD on Tuesdays and Thursdays would bar her from any meetings on those days.

Shaffer also suggested that the council members hold “occasional workshops” with local experts in order to “make sure we’re making the best decisions.”

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Cyrus Kamada December 13, 2012 at 11:03 PM
There was something different about the council meeting I attended last night. I was trying to pinpoint what it was, beyond the obvious presence of new council members Shaffer and Kranz, and it boils down to this simple observation: I felt like the city was being served. The questions were motivated by a desire to get things right and for the city's welfare, not framed for political advantage or to reinforce decisions already made. The discussion on committee appointments was almost disorienting in the level of common sense, graciousness and candor displayed by all council members, and it made me wonder what the last decade might have been. The honest consideration of, and more than that, the actions to incorporate citizen input into the council's deliberations was stunning, if you've been watching for the past few years. No doubt, there are difficult questions ahead, but based on what I saw last night, we have the best people in place to address them. Pretty cool.
Lynn Marr December 15, 2012 at 10:53 PM
It's wonderful when Council can have open discussion & make decisions PUBLICLY, rather than a few councilmembers, swayed by special interests, making their determinations, beforehand, in private! Both Lisa Shaffer & Teresa Barth have campaigned on being environmentally conscious & sensitive. We sincerely hope they'll show wisdom & foresight, accountability to due process & our neighborhood concerns, & Immediately put a hold on the imminent relining of North 101, prematurely forcing a lane diet. We're glad the agenda item has been set; meanwhile, lines shouldn't be redrawn to force a lane diet, which HASN'T COMPLETED ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW, & the required 101 Corridor Specific Plan, the General Plan (still being updated) &, the Local Costal Program Amendments, as well as a finding, per California Environmental Quality Act law that, for a Major Roadway, a primary circulation element, to be restricted by lane elimination, FIRST the City must show operational characteristic adequacy WON'T be adversely affected. Our new council must set a good example of adhering to due process through following state law and its own delineated procedures, as listed on the City's webpage: http://www.encinitasca.gov/index.aspx?page=254 When push comes to shove, this is an opportunity for Council, as a whole, to come together & begin again with fresh perspective; when necessary it should slow down & take a 2nd look at courses of action pushed forward by the previous, corrupt, majority.


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