Campaign Urges State Legislators to Stop Cutting Education Budget

The grassroots movement has gained more than 40,000 supporters so far.

Editor’s Note: The following news release is from Educate Our State.

Fresh off the highly-publicized launch of their campaign, “This Budget Blows,” and determined to get the attention of California’s leaders, Educate Our State has released a new video titled, “Let’s Take the Sting Out of Public Education Cuts.”

“This crisis is nothing to sing about,” said Campaign Director Fran Shimp, “but we wanted to reveal how California legislators are destroying our children’s future and this video does just that.”

Nearly 10,000 letters have already been sent to the legislature and the Governor through the campaign’s website, thisbudgetblows.org.

“It only takes a few seconds to deliver a clear message to Sacramento that California deserves better,” continues Shimp. “The six million kids we’re fighting for might not be able to vote, but their parents certainly can.”

Educate Our State leaders stress this campaign is not just about funding for education – rather, it is about making education the priority it needs to be in order for California to thrive. Educate Our State urges parents and community members to take action immediately.

“California lags behind all but a few states with respect to per pupil funding (47th) and has sustained $18 billion in cuts to public education since 2008-09. It is death by a thousand cuts,” said producer Teri Levy. “We are asking parents, students and community members to send letters to their elected officials imploring them to create a balanced budget without future cuts to education.”

Educate Our State, a parent-led, grassroots movement with 40,000 supporters statewide, advocates for high-quality, public schools for all kids in California.

For more information about the campaign, please visit ThisBudgetBlows.org.

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