Gov. Brown Grants 79 Pardons, Including Seven Cases in SD County

All those that were pardoned had served their sentences, mostly for drug convictions.

A man found guilty of robbery 58 years ago in San Diego County was among 79 people pardoned Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown. Frank E. Morino, 79, was convicted in August 1954 and imprisoned for five years. No further information about his case was immediately available.

A letter of clemency for Morino said he volunteers at a center for the elderly and helps Alzheimer's patients. His application for a pardon was supported by the Ventura County Superior Court, according to the letter.

Granting pardons is a traditional gubernatorial action during the holidays. The governor’s office said all of those whose requests were granted have served their sentences and been law-abiding for at least a decade.

A full list of the pardons is attached in the PDF section of this article.

Six others with San Diego-area convictions, mostly for drug offenses, were also pardoned. They include:

• Crystal Lynn Fimpel, convicted in February 1995 of drug possession and served three years probation.

• Charles Norfleet Hughes, found guilty in July 1998 of marijuana possession and served three years probation.

• Silvester Jermaine Jackson, convicted of robbery in May 1993 and spent six months in prison and three years on probation.

• Lawrance L'Heureaux, found guilty of narcotics possession in March 1987 and spent one year and nine months in prison.

• Brian Thomas McGlynn, found guilty of possession of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance for sale in August 1985 and spent three years on probation.

• Michael Charles Renwick, found guilty of possession narcotics for sale in April 1983 and spent three years on probation.

According to the governor's office, anyone convicted in California can apply for a pardon, but the request is only granted “to people who have demonstrated exemplary behavior following their conviction.”

-City News Service

Doug Curlee December 26, 2012 at 12:44 AM
i don't have a problem with it.. their crimes were either things that probabty aren't even felonies anymore.. like most of the drug convictions.. or committed so long ago by people who been sterling citizens since that no one else even remembers the crimes.. just common decency, if nothing else, dictates that these pardons be granted.. remember, gerald ford pardoned richard nixon for crimes much more serious than most of these.. doug doug
gdogncbd2 December 26, 2012 at 10:15 AM
most these crimes were committed so long ago,the person is most likely in their retirement age years,and if this was motion was granted that means they have been arrest free for the most part of any type of a felony.they pardon people for political crimes which they rarely serve any time in prison.and then in a couple of years you hear of a pardon being issued by the president,i guess being a white collar crook is most acceptable in the societys circle nowdays.
Fay December 26, 2012 at 04:15 PM
Very nice!


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