26 La Jolla Restaurants Issued Health Violations

Find out which of your favorite restaurants have Department of Environmental Health violations this year.

A total of 26 restaurants and food retailers in La Jolla had major health permit violations this year. The County’s Department of Environmental Health Food & Housing Division discovered these violations during routine inspections on the 251 eateries and food producers. The violations range from holding temperatures of food and food surface contact infractions to failing to hold a valid permit.

An explanation of the violations will be described below the chart.

In addition, Patch pulled 23 restaurants randomly to show these establishment’s latest grade by the Department of Health – one for each letter of the alphabet (minus Q, U and X.) The score is based on a scale from one to 100.

Restaurant 2012 Violations Date Aroma Cafe Proper Cooling, Holding Temperatures March 6 Permit June 18 Permit, Permit May 30 and June 7 Holding Temperatures June 25 Permit March 20 Permit May 8 Holding Temperatures June 18 Food Contact Surfaces June 20 Permit, Permit May 19 and May 20 Hot and Cold Water March 21 Food Contact Surfaces March 18 Hand Washing June 25 Permit March 23 Protection from Contamination March 27 Hot and Cold Water Feb. 1 Approved Procedures Jan. 10 Permit Feb. 9 Nozomi Holding Temperatures Jan. 12 Food Contact Surfaces Jan. 17 Time as a Public Health Control March 21 (7345 La Jolla Blvd.) Permit March 14 Science Park Cafe Permit, Permit Feb. 24, May 17 Permit June 13 The Frame Broiler Holding Temperatures June 29 Permit April 11 Food Contact Sufaces, Time as a Public Helath Control Feb. 29

Violations defined by the county Department of Health:

Hand Washing violation: Examples of major violations include a food employee that is found not washing hands and exposed portions of arms as required, improper use of hand sanitizer, improper glove use, or not using appropriate utensils to minimize bare hand contact.

Food Contact Surfaces violation: Examples of major violations include improper sanitization of food contact surfaces, improper washing machine temperature, contamination of food contact surfaces that could result in food contamination, and failure to sanitize food contact surfaces between each use with a different type of raw food of animal origin, and each time there is a change from working with raw foods to working with ready-to-eat foods.

Holding Temperatures violation: Examples of major violations include multiple potentially hazardous foods (two or more food items in separate containers), or pooled eggs held at temperatures between 50°F and 130°F without any other intervention.

Proper Cooling violation: Examples of major violations include multiple cooked potentially hazardous foods that were not cooled from 135°F to 41°F or below within six hours, as required.

Hot and Cold Water violation: Examples of major violations include hot or cold water that is not available at all ware washing sinks in the food facility, hand wash sinks with warm water below 100°F, hot water at the utensil sink/ mop sink below 110°F, lack of water, or a contaminated/ unapproved water supply.

Permit violation: Examples include food facilities that are in operation without a valid public health permit, due to a change of ownership, expired/delinquent permit fees, or opening a retail food business without notifying and obtaining a valid permit from this department.

Protection from Contamination violation: Examples of major violations include food that is found to be adulterated, a food employee that has contaminated food (intentionally or unintentionally), ice that has been used to cool the exterior of surface of food is then used for human consumption, food that was received in poor condition such as cracked shell eggs or food containers infested with vermin, and the reuse of a food container that once stored poisonous or toxic substances.

Time as a Public Health Control: Examples of major violations include holding potentially hazardous food out of temperature control for more than four hours without clearly marking the time for food to be discarded on the food.

Approved Procedures violation: Examples of major violations include a food facility operator that is: curing food without an approved written HACCP plan or not in accordance with the approved HACCP plan, not following the state department approved HACCP plan procedure when required, not following the approved variance conditions/ procedures after having obtained a variance from the state department.

A Look at La Jolla Restaurants from A to Z:

Restaurant Score Grade 91 A 94 A 97 A 97 A 92 A 95 A 95 A 96 A Il Covo Ristorante & Lounge * A 92 A 93 A 92 A 98 A Nozomi 90 A 95 A 95 A 97 A 100 A 99 A 90 A 97 A 90 A 94 A

*No number score provided.

Michelle Mowad July 16, 2012 at 05:46 AM
Please let us know if there are any restaurants in La Jolla you would like a report on. We will get it for you...
david July 16, 2012 at 12:18 PM
1- the spot 2- la valencia
Michelle Mowad July 16, 2012 at 04:24 PM
The Spot was last inspected on Feb. 7. It scored a 97. La Valencia was last inspected on March 24. It scored a 94. Of note, on Sept. 19, 2011 La Valencia was issued a permit violation.


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