UPDATE: Three Kennedy Middle School Boys Admit to Sexual Assault

The three will appear in court on Aug. 5 for sentencing.

Three boys admitted in court Monday to the sexual assault of two female classmates while on a school field trip. Two admitted to a lewd act on a minor and the third admitted to sexual battery, according to Deputy District Attorney James Wade.

The two boys who admitted to a lewd act on a minor may face up to eight years in juvenile detention, while the third may face up to one year for sexual battery.

Though the fourth boy has not admitted to any charges, Wade said he expects the boy to confess at the Aug. 5 sentencing. The fifth boy must attend a proceeding in October before the District Attorney can decide whether to prosecute him, according to Wade. He did not disclose why the fifth boy's case was separated from the others.

Reports of the attempted rapes caused much concern in the community. School officials met the ’s field trip policy by having one supervisor for every 10 students, but the fact that the crimes went unnoticed caused some residents to and the effectiveness of the policy.

"The district is very concerned that this potential incident took place," Director of Assessment Jane Yuster said to Patch in June. "Our number one message to parents is that their kids are safe in Redwood City schools and on school-sponsored trips and activities."

District Superintendent Jan Christensen said the district is conducting an internal investigation to examine current safety procedures for school field trips and determine if changes are needed.

Eggbert July 28, 2011 at 05:33 PM
"If someone was forced into this, then I agree it was wrong, but if it is kids playing doctor they need a stern talking to from their parents." How gratifying that after parading a blather of "boys will be boys", you allocate a soupçon of possibility the story might be accurate as reported. Have you some inside information that the child involved participated happily? What received wisdom makes this "hard to believe" - radio signals to an impacted molar? Or perhaps an inherent distrust of females? Next I imagine SR25 will divulge the victim is a saucy wench who led the boys astray.
Doreen Balmy July 28, 2011 at 09:01 PM
hus4154, you are amusing (to yourself I'll bet). You must hear voices as well. Nothing I said would lead you to draw the conclusion that I am afraid of my kid. I also chuckled at the questions you asked about the receipts and police reports. Mostly I chuckled about you answering yourself. My point was that kids know that parental authority is limited these days by police and CPS involvement. I don't believe in beating kids. However, taking away things (phones, etc.) is NOT supported by RWC PD. In fact, a phone call to the Captain only confirmed what the officer's told my son. His property is his property. Of course, I then remedied that by telling my kids that everything in my house or anything purchased by me was "on loan". I think parents need to do their jobs but also be supported by the powers that be.
scratchy3 July 30, 2011 at 07:28 AM
blah, blah, blah ... lots of finger pointing, but what are WE going to do about it? Clearly no one likes it, clearly there are different views on the cause, but bond in your disgust on taking action to change it ... versus using that energy to bicker with all that agree that its disgusting and needs to change. Be the change!
Cate Stark August 07, 2011 at 10:57 PM
Emily Capo, you should have called the police since the administration did not follow the law recognizing your child's right to a safe environment while at school. You can still call them. I would, and I'm a teacher! Parents have a responsibility to raise their children to act as contributing members of society - contributing in a positive sense. These boys' actions were not that type of contribution. I teach middle school. I had a student whose parents denied to my and the principal's face their child had behavior problems. The following year in high school, that student was arrested for sexually assaulting another student. Just one example but a powerful one in light of the events that started this blog (?). Parents raise the children, teachers have them for 6 hours a day, 180 days a year. Who has the major responsibility for raising the children? As for the police telling the parent that the "item" that was taken away belonged to the child, baloney! So long as the parent is raising and providing for the child, it seems that along with the responsibilty of misbehavior by a minor being the parents', the stuff a parents buys for the child is on loan! Break the rules and suffer the consequences. Sort of like "do the crime, do the time."
Alejandro Blanco February 03, 2014 at 03:24 PM
I followed up with this news and two of those kids got 10+ years and one got 4 years and one got 1year because he snitch. And the 5 was found guilty to just being a look out and he just got probation till he turns 18 years old. Oh well their goes their childhood stuck behind bars. After that i bet those kids are coming out wit no future and just as stone killers. Trowing gang signs and all that ghetto stuff.


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