Four Arrested At Lake Elsinore DUI Checkpoint

The checkpoint was part of a DUI crackdown this Memorial Day weekend.

A DUI checkpoint in Lake Elsinore Friday night netted four arrests, according to the Lake Elsinore Police Department.

The checkpoint was located at the intersection Collier Avenue and Riverside Drive; 1,227 vehicles were stopped and 56 were sent to a secondary screening, the department reported.

Berna Delores, 74, William Chase, 50, Shannon Hopkins, 24, and Alik Christensen, 18 -- all Lake Elsinore residents -- were arrested for driving under the influence, according to the report.

In addition to the arrests, 19 unlicensed and/or suspended drivers were directed to court, the department reported.

The checkpoint was part of . In addition to the efforts of the Lake Elsinore Police Department, the California Highway Patrol has additional officers patrolling the freeways and county roads.

big aunt harry mary May 29, 2012 at 04:53 AM
no offense to anyone over 65 BUT, a drivers test should be taken ever 2 years... theres way too many 65+ers out there who like to take their time, hold up traffic, make off the wall turns at any given moment, run red lights, hit parked cars and drive drunk --cuz no one thinks g-ma g-pa would EVER DO THAT..... being respectful of the elderly is fine but, lets not go blind either....
Diana May 29, 2012 at 11:02 PM
I would like to know why the only mention the Patch did of Memorial Day was to report a DUI Checkpoint. Why wasn't there a tribute of some kind to those that have sacrificed there lives before and presently for our Country and our Freedom. To make no mention I find to be a shame.
Vince May 30, 2012 at 04:17 AM
Fester, Mah G&G (Grumpy and Grouchy) Brutha Frum Anutha Mutha!!!! By golly, ain't seen hide nor hair of you in a dang coon's...er I mean aaaaaa, RACCOON'S AGE...You know, cute little furry critter wearin' a mask, and stripey suit--Beatle's even done a song on 'im: "Somewhere in the Black Minin'' Hills of South Dakota there lived a young boy name'a Rocky Raccoo-hoon...and one day his woman ran off with another guy, hit young Rocky in the eye-i...Rocky didn't like that; said: "I'm gonna get that boy..." Couldn't resist! That song is one of my "Guilty Pleasure's" in this life!! An' them dang raccoons may be cute, but they's pound for pound one BAD MoFo...they could give a badger "what for". Why, once year's back a big ol' coon got in my hay barn middle of the night (think he was after some 4-Way Grain actually), and my big 110 lb Chessie got to tangling wif' 'em...Woke me up, and sent me ta investigating----I sorta figgered he had him a bear, or lion, and they was goin' at it--- and it really was touch and go,even with the coon weighing well less then half of my boy--- leastways 'till I fired off a 12 ga in the air just ta break 'em up ...and the coon made a hasty retreat...my boy needed some stitches across his muzzle, so I "Cowboy'd" him up best I could...woulda used Super Glue like I always do on myself when I get me a naughtsy cut, but the smell mighta got him back in a fightin' mood again...with me!! Just the same...good ta see ya!!
Diana May 30, 2012 at 06:50 PM
Hey there Vince...........took off for the long weekend, kind of hard to type on my Ipad on the back of the Harley....LOL
Diana May 30, 2012 at 08:23 PM
Your story reminds me of the coon in my kitchen a couple years ago, I used to leave the slider open for the kitty to go in and out at night. One night I hear this racket in the kitchen and hear a glass fall on the floor, I grabbed my 38 from the bedstand and went out in the kitchen turned the light on just to see a raccoon scurry across the floor from the living room and out the slider he went. He had been up on the counter in the kitchen, knocked off a glass and left me a present in the kitchen sink, good thing it was on the garbage disposal side...tee hee


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