$75,000 Worth of Guns Stolen During Big Gun Armory Burglary

Thieves smashed front door glass to gain access to the store.

DACULA, GA -- Just hours after a large shipment of weapons arrived at a local gun store, burglars struck the shop and stole numerous handguns, tactical rifles and shotguns.

According to business owner David Duncan, Big Gun Armory received two large deliveries on Friday afternoon. Duncan said the 65 guns were immediately placed on display since store inventory had been heavily depleted due to increased sales related to the election, the Connecticut shootings and holiday shopping.

Then, at 1:47 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 29, Duncan got a call from his alarm company -- the burglar alarm had been activated. Gwinnett County Police were also notified and arrived four minutes after getting the call, but it was too late.

“They cleaned my place out,” Duncan said.

According to Duncan, the burglar or burglars entered the store by smashing the front door glass, reaching through the bars and unlocking the door. Duncan explained that he initially had a keyed lock on the interior and exterior of the door, but was instructed by the fire marshal to switch the interior keyed lock to a twist lock for safety purposes. As a result, the burglar or burglars were able to access the interior of the store without damaging anything other than the glass.

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Once inside the store, the burglar or burglars opened the display cases, removed the handguns and took the rifles and shotguns displayed on the wall.

“For them to have been in there and out as quick as they were, there had to be several people,” Duncan said. Duncan estimates it would have taken four or five people to empty the store so quickly.

The exact number, however, is currently unknown due to an installation error in the video surveillance system. The system, Duncan explained, was supposed to be set so that when the cameras detected motion, recording would begin within a few seconds. Instead, the technician that installed the system reportedly set the motion activation delay for 45 minutes. By the time the video began recording, all that could be seen were police going in and out of the store, Duncan said.

Though the incident was not captured on video, Duncan said crime scene investigators were able to obtain numerous prints from the scene. Duncan is also checking with surrounding businesses to see if any of them have exterior video surveillance footage that may have shown the suspects or the suspects’ vehicle.

In the meantime, Duncan is in the process of providing the serial numbers for all the stolen weapons to police in the hope the guns will surface and lead to an arrest.

“I’ve got to believe it was someone who saw those shipments,” Duncan added.

If you have any information about the burglary or if you noticed any suspicious activity in the vicinity of the store Saturday night, please contact Gwinnett County Police at 770-513-5000.

“I just hope they catch them,” Duncan said. “They racked up when they hit my store.”

Duncan is still sorting through records attempting to determine exactly which guns were stolen. As of Dec. 31, he had confirmed 45 were stolen but believes 65 are missing. Duncan estimated the total value of the stolen weapons to be $75,000.


Michelle Couch January 02, 2013 at 06:28 PM
It would be interesting to know if the gun shipment was COD or Net 30 Terms?????
MO January 12, 2013 at 08:28 PM
Wow, this scares me! I live less then a mile from the store in question and to think I have so many naïve and simple minded people living in close proximity to me and my family will have me constantly looking over my shoulder. Musketball boy- the second amendment was meant to put the citizenry on par and equal to soldiers (not artillery men or other special weapon units so don't go there) but largely the folks that would be the tools of a tyrannical government. They are absolutely needed and necessary, and as a quote attributed to T. Jefferson one said "The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it".
Anton January 12, 2013 at 09:51 PM
So true MO, very few people believe we would ever need guns to fight off a tyrannical government, throughout history looking back at Spain, France, Italy, Germany all democracies that need up being ruled by a dictator or even just corrupt officials. I live in Tennessee a VFW member told me about a movie that was made in 1992 called "the battle of Athens" it had to do with a corrupt sheriff in Athens TN. In 1946 WW 2 veterans returning home did not like the way the local officials were running the town and one decided to run against him and they used force to take the voting ballot box out of the post office to the town jail. The returning veterans went to the armory and took as many rifles as the could and attacked the police station. So be it local, state or federal the citizens need arm to keep corruption in check and fight for their constitutional rights, None of the veterans were charged with any crime and one was elected mayor of the town and the corrupt sheriff went to prison, the founding fathers knew only too well how easily governments can become corrupt and abuse their power and they also knew that keeping the citizens armed would be the best way to fight off corrupt governments. Good luck finding this movie, I am sure you could google "the battle of Athens" to read the story which I did but I still want to see the movie.
Anton January 12, 2013 at 10:02 PM
Just goes to show that criminals will get guns at any cost even if they have to steal them. I just watched a show about the drug cartels in Mexico, a country where the citizens can only have low caliber guns that must be approved by the government and only one per household, they cannot buy assault weapons and machine guns are outlawed completely. A country that has also had more innocent citizens killed by guns in the last 5 years nearly 70,000 that the US had combat deaths during the entire Vietnam war. Deaths from fully automatic AK-47, in fact one of the men the reporter was talking to said that he could get her a fully automatic AK-47 with two full clips for $1,000 US dollars no questions asked. So even if the US banned every kind of gun in the states criminals would be able to buy them, we would only disarm the honest law abiding citizens. I believe if that ever happened there would be even more guns because there would be a demand for them and we cannot stop millions of illegals from coming across the border or stop all the tons of drugs coming across we would not stop guns from coming across either.
Anton January 12, 2013 at 10:13 PM
And that is inside the city limits, I live in the country at the end of two counties, some of my property is in one county and some is in another so people living out this far the response time would be 10 or 15 minutes maybe longer. Even in the city limits, if an intruder breaks in your house you can wait the 4 minutes for the police to respond or one millisecond for my pump shotgun or Sig Sauer .357 to stop the intruder or intruders. Tough call, either the county sheriff and local PD or Sig and Remmington, when seconds count and your families safety is at stake which two would any of us rely on?


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