Need a lawyer? try a paralegal...

Southland Law Provides Paralegal Services to Lawyers and their Clients.

We specialize in family law, civil litigation, criminal defense, and writs and appeals.

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Outsourcing paralegal services to Southland allows you to control costs and increase revenues while securing the competitive advantage of accessing senior-level paralegal assistance.

SOUTHLAND differs from traditional office staff and  temporary help because our staff establishes relationships with every client. Jesse Wagner, the litigation coordinator and founder of Southland, is always available to assess your needs and determine the paralegal best-suited for your project. The staff assigned to your project may be Cynthia, Stephen, or another senior-level paralegal with the experience and skills commensurate with your specialty area, needs and expectations.

Since all Southland paralegals are senior-level paralegals with substantial paralegal experience and training in large law firms, Southland paralegals hit the ground running. You can be confident that every project will be handled professionally and expeditiously. 

Leveraging outsourced legal assistance is a sound strategy resulting in:

    • Increased productivity by delegating procedural and practical projects that is better assigned to a paralegal.
    • Maximized resources by utilizing the necessary support without incurring the salary, benefits and other overhead expenses of hiring a permanent paralegal.
    • Meeting increased demand from new or increased business without staffing concerns.
    • More reasonable client bills.
    • Improved profits.
    • Increased bottom line.



    3268 Governor Drive, Suite 345

    San Diego CA 92122


    (858) 997.2811


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