Letter to Editor: Local Resident Thanks Mayor Filner for Installing Seal Cam in La Jolla

Del Mar resident Deborah Saracini thanked Mayor Bob Filner in a letter to the editor for "caring and taking action to protect the seals."

Mayor Filner,

Thank you so much for approving the installation of the seal cam at Children’s Pool Beach in La Jolla! What an incredible educational opportunity for people from all over the world to see harbor seals in a natural, yet urban environment.

Although I am grateful that you have lengthened rope line to 152 feet, correcting the error from last season, some people, often encouraged by the professional harassers and their friends, do not adhere to the guideline viewing requirements and cross the rope, disturbing many of the pregnant female seals from critical resting.

In past years of the pupping season, the first births took place at the end of January. If people occupy the beach close to the waterline, the seals will not be able to haul out. As a result there will not be a place to deliver and nurture their pups, which can cause infant mortality rates to rise. If the distance requirements are enforced, we will have a pupping season that will amaze viewers far and wide!

Thank you for caring and taking action to protect the seals. Your noble actions are appreciated by so many of us who love the seals!

Deborah Saracini

Del Mar, CA

Califia February 09, 2013 at 12:39 AM
From the Carlsbad Patch, Nov 20, 2012 The Battle for the La Jolla Children's Pool by C. A. Lindsay (Curious this was not published in the La Jolla Patch) http://carlsbad.patch.com/blog_posts/tha-battle-for-the-la-jolla-childrens-pool#comment_6296656 [Quoted in part below] "The controversy at the Children's Pool beach is yet another example of stupid, incompetent "pop science" combined with arrogant politics carried out by insensitive people. There is currently no plan that I’m aware of, to repatriate our seals to their natural habitat, and the people who agree with the paid objectors apparently need to be educated about seals. Seals revel in icy waters, have no fear of people sharing the water, are gentle and playful, and have never bitten anyone in the Children’s Pool. There are about 250,000 from Baja to Alaska. They are not endangered and trust being in close proximity to humans." Read the rest of the article if you dare . . .
4RBeach February 09, 2013 at 01:12 AM
It is not a requirement to stay behind the rope, why do you lie! How many times have your gang harassed pregnant woman off the beach? The Mayors actions were illegal not noble!
Michelle Mowad February 09, 2013 at 07:10 AM
Califia, La Jolla Patch did run that Letter to the Editor as well. You can see it here: http://lajolla.patch.com/blog_posts/tha-battle-for-the-la-jolla-childrens-pool
Califia February 10, 2013 at 03:59 AM
Thanks Michelle, I missed it in the LJ edition. It's good to know your paper will print the reasonable opposition to the hysterical claims by those people and groups pushing to close the Children's Pool to the intended users. Yes, I do mean human children and their families; most of whom don't mind sharing the beach with the seals.


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