Californian Assembly member Luis Alejo against voters rights

 California Assembly representative Luis Alejo doesn't do a good job representing voters. He has introduced a bill that would not allow voters to elect their city councilman if their present council member decided to resign before his or her term is up. He has introduced legislation that takes away voters rights to elect their own council member of their choice and gives the choice of new council member to the resigning member. We are fighting this in Watsonville because voters want to exercise their rights to vote for who represents them whether fit's for a term of months or years. Alejo claims that it takes away voters rights when in fact his Assembly bill 1795 takes away voters rights. I urge you all to take interest in this bill because it will affect all of California. This issue has caused a huge problem in Watsonville and voters are fighting for their rights. If you care, contact Gov. Brown and ask him to veto the bill. I think all voters would rather cast their ballot and choose who they want as their city council member  rather than allowing someone else to choose. Wouldn't you? Comment


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