Julius Tabin, Former Lead Outside Counsel for Salk Institute, Dies at 92

Dr. Julius Tabin, was a physicist and attorney, passed away Aug. 25 of heart failure. He was 92.

Attorney and physicist Dr. Julius Tabin passed away last month of heart failure last month, according to The Daily Transcript. He was 92. Tabin had represented General Atomics in San Diego and Salk Institute in La Jolla.

Tabin was a partner at Fitch, Even Tabin & Flannery LLP in San Diego for 56 years, The Daily Transcript reported.

According to the local paper, "Tabin played key roles in establishing peaceful uses of atomic energy in the realms of medicine, energy and research. In addition to representing clients working in the nuclear filed, he helped establish the legal precedents for biotechnology as lead outside counsel for the Salk Institute and a number of biotech and pharmaceutical companies."

In addition to his legal work, Tabin developed a mirror device used on an Apollo mission.

He was married to the late Johanna Krout Tabin and is survived by two sons, Clifford and Geoffrey Tabin. 

To read Julius Tabin's full obituary, please visit The Daily Transcipt's post.


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