Video: Warrior Statue Underwater in La Jolla Cove

Local divers find a mysterious statue off La Jolla Cove in November 2011.

Patch's YouTube Clip of the Week goes underwater this week. We selected a short video that features an interesting find on a dive adventure on November 13, 2011. The video has 513 views.

"My dive buddies and I discovered this mysterious Chinese statue in 50 feet of water in La Jolla Cove. How it came to be here remains a mysterious," said user jridg on YouTube. You may know Jridg, who uploaded the video, as Dive Master Jim Ridgway.

If you have a bit more time than the 1 minute 46 seconds for the above video, watch the extended 6 minute version of the swim and dive out to the statue here. Also note this is not the first time we selected a jridg video. In July 2011, we watched jridg and crew (Raleigh Moody and Dan Csaszar) follow two sevengill sharks. You can watch that one .

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