Why Did the Sea Lion Cross the Road? To Check into La Jolla Hotel [Video]

A sea lion pup crossed the street from the beach and made its way to Pantai Inn's patio Tuesday morning.

An unexpected guest turned up at a La Jolla hotel on Tuesday morning. A sea lion pup was found at Pantai Inn. 

The sea lion left the ocean and either climbed up steep rocks or a set of stairs to get to the street level of Coast Boulevard in La Jolla. She then crossed the street and waddled into a patio at Pantai Inn to get comfy on a patio chair.

The La Jolla Cove, a popular hang out for sea lions, is just 1,000 feet from the hotel.

"I got an email saying that we had a sea lion pup lounging on our patio," Shane Pappas said in an release to SeaWorld. Pappas checked the hotel's surveillance camera to find footage of the marine mammal guest checking into the hotel's patio.

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SeaWorld San Diego rescued the malnourished and dehydrated pup that weighed 27.5-pound California seal lion. The park will reportedly release the animal in a few days after some care.

SeaWorld has rescued 229 marine mammals from San Diego beaches this year. In 2012, SeaWorld San Diego's Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Program rescued and cared for 131 marine mammals.

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Tony B. March 28, 2013 at 03:02 PM
Maybe we should now ban people from this area , in order to not affect the sea lion pup in any adverse manner..The property owners should be required to put up a permanent rope to stop any humans from potentially penetrating this sensitive area. Furthermore , we should have volunteers in place to observe and report human activity. I submit a laws suit should immediately be filed to change the allowable use of this area.
Nancy Mallett April 06, 2013 at 03:37 AM
Why did they call seaworld who is going to now keep this seal captive for the rest of it's life? Why couldn't they just bring the seal across the street back to the ocean?? Now this poor seal is stuck in seal prison forever and ever till it dies like all the other animals that sea world supposedly "rescues"


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