The Battle for the La Jolla Children's Pool

The Battle for the La Jolla Children's Pool pits phony environmentalists against true San Diegans whose children learned how to swim in the ocean without fear of waves and seals.

Some projects of The Animal Protection and Rescue League (APRL) such as “Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty” appear to represent lofty goals most people would support.  We all love animals. However,  certain other efforts, such as the APRL “Save the La Jolla Seals” project appear to be totally contrived, politicized schemes that have no bearing on protecting animals.  The APRL “Save the La Jolla Seals” campaign focuses the legal might of an intrusive New Yorker who moved to San Diego and has been attempting to push an East Coast way of thinking on us Californians through APRL. 

            It seems that APRL has little respect for local philanthropist Ellen Browning Scripps who paid for the sea wall built in 1931 which created the area we call Children's Pool Beach or Casa Beach.  It’s long been a place for young children, many of whom are quite frightened when they first see the ocean, to gradually learn to adapt to ocean waves.  More than 30 years ago, my daughter was petrified the first time we took her to the ocean at Mission Beach.  Since we wanted her first experience to be one of joy, not fear, when she stepped her little toes into the ocean water, we took her to the Casa Beach to become acclimated to it.   As a young child, she was exhilarated when she gingerly placed her tiny toes into the ocean, then saw a few seals actually watching her splash!  At that moment, it was as if she, a human being, had become a part of nature with the wild water and its animals.  She learned to love and respect the seals.  As her mother I felt her connection when I watched the source of her pleasure.  To imagine removing this mystical experience from young children is more than despicable to me.  APRL should not destroy this sacred experience with nature.  In recent years APRL has partially won their battle against children experiencing the Children's Pool. Using "activists," who often enjoy sponsored salaries, they still fight the partial opening of the area, though they won a part of their plan - San Diego must place a rope blocking access to the Children’s Pool during the seal mating season.  

            Does this brilliant restriction protect the environment? Of course not.  The militant camera-shoved-in-your-face protesters, not only have become responsible for polluting the water at the Children's Pool with animal excrement, but they are creating an over population of seals. This blind interference produces another, more sinister problem: the over population of sharks which feed on seals.  If they are true animal rights activists, APRL would demand destruction of the wall at the Children’s Pool, which would then allow for seals to find their natural habitat. The Children’s Pool was not originally the habitat for the seals.  

            The controversy at the Children's Pool beach is yet another example of stupid, incompetent "pop science" combined with arrogant politics carried out by insensitive people. There is currently no plan that I’m aware of, to repatriate our seals to their natural habitat, and the people who agree with the paid objectors apparently need to be educated about seals.  Seals revel in icy waters, have no fear of people sharing the water, are gentle and playful, and have never bitten anyone in the Children’s Pool.   There are about 250,000 from Baja to Alaska.  They are not endangered and trust being in close proximity to humans. 

            I find it interesting that I could only find only one co-founder of APRL.  Who is the other co-founder?  What is the real reason behind destruction of the Children’s Pool, something amazingly divine created by man so children can interact with nature?      

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Cheri Jacobs Aspenleiter January 01, 2013 at 07:51 PM
I agree with with these words. I am handicapped and swimming at Children's Pool (C.P.) is my therapy. I climb under the gate that blocks the access ramp as the stairs are vertical. I understand the new Mayor and the City do not care for the Handicapped, the Elderly or for Children who could easily access the shoreline at C.P. if only that gate were opened. It's difficult to understand why the City would make an overpopulation of seals who are causing unsanitary and unhealthy conditions at at CA/La Jolla public beach the priority over these VIP??? The Jewel of La Jolla is this 3 Beach area of C.P., S.Casa and Shell Beach inc. Seal Rock. Restore this only manmade Ocean Swimming Pool in the continental U.S., and many vistitors and residents will experience the pool, and enjoy the seals on the reef behind the breakwater, & at Shell Beach, Seal Rock and S.Casa Beaches. This is true shared use. Keep C.P. clean, open the sluiceways restore it back to the ocean swimming pool as it was designed and left in trust to be maintained by the City: and allow people who would otherwise never be able to swim or snorkel in the ocean, the incredible experience of the sea and its creatures including the friendly seals. Please proctect us from these extemists who are making a huge profit from this so-called cause. Its about money not seals, really. The City and the other organizations who subscribe to this bogus cause are truly being duped. The seals have fished out the area as well.
Califia February 07, 2013 at 11:27 PM
Any chance this can be printed in the La Jolla Patch? This needs to be read by the new SD Mayor.
glenn bernard July 01, 2014 at 09:34 AM
People unwilling to share the planet with other life forms…..should find a different planet to live on.
Cheri Jacobs Aspenleiter July 10, 2014 at 12:48 AM
Mr. Bernard, it is not a matter of sharing the planet with other life forms. We are and we do, but you people who are manipulating the marine mammals for profit are the problem. The Children's Pool is nothing more than a Sea World Created Pool, only not fed, not cleaned and devastated, fast becoming a dead zone. It is a matter of balance within the undersea ecosystem. The fact is the seals have been starving to death, and that is because they need birth control to be in harmony and not eating species faster than they can reproduce. Wise up sir and see the facts. Just jump in the ocean and look, at nothing. Seriously. Tide Pool creatures gone. Children's Pool is a filthy stench ridden seal litterbox with people watching seals birth in their own feces and urine. Not good for seals, for the ocean or for people. Terrible stewardship of the ocean and of the seals .
glenn bernard July 10, 2014 at 02:51 PM
Really, I have money at stake? I prefer all windmills to come down because they chew up birds. Do you think that I will have a financial gain if this wish comes true? I have never heard that Sea World created the water break that you refer to. Even if they did, it is no excuse for you or anybody else to harass, injure, or kill the animals who go there. (PS. I am not now, nor have ever been, a SeaWorld shareholder)


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