Two La Jolla Groceries Might Soon Have Picket Lines Greeting Customers

Vons and Ralphs, could be subject to a strike beginning Sunday night.

La Jollans might soon be forced with a choice—cross picket lines at Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons or shop exclusively at places like , or Bristol Farms in UTC. (Or at smaller stores including and .)

After months of negotiations, the grocery workers union Thursday night moved a step closer to calling a strike and gave three-day notice to cancel its contract, according to a statement from labor leaders.

Cancelling the contract removes the final barrier to a strike. If a deal can’t be reached by 7 p.m. Sunday, a strike can be called at any time.

In La Jolla, Vons has a store on Pearl Street. The local Ralphs is on Villa La Jolla Drive in the La Jolla Village Square shopping center.

The United Food and Commercial Workers represents 62,000 employees of the Albertsons, Vons and Ralphs grocery stores in Southern California. Management and labor leaders have been at the bargaining table trying to reach a deal on a new contract for eight months.

They have been working under the terms of a contract that was extended after it expired in March.

“We’re ready to fight to preserve good jobs,” union leaders said in a statement. “We understand this is a tough economy, but we’re willing to stand up for workers everywhere being taken advantage of by profitable corporations. It is unfair and wrong for these corporations doing so well to use the economy as an excuse to squeeze those working paycheck to paycheck.”

Vons released a statement in response to the action:

We are disappointed by the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Locals’ decision to give the employers 72 hour notice of the cancellation of the contract extension. Doing so needlessly alarms our employees and our customers.

The notice does not mean a strike is imminent or that a strike will necessarily occur at any point. The notice simply allows the union the ability to call a strike if they choose to do so. Vons and the other employers intend to remain focused on the negotiation process and urge the unions to do so the same.

Union negotiators want the stores to pay the same share of their health care benefits as in the past, but their opponents want the employees to pay up to 80 percent of the costs, according to the head of the UFCW in San Diego, Mickey Kasparian.

He said in June that the issue was the same as the one that prompted a 141-day strike in 2003-04.

Hoa Quach, Christine Huard, Ken Stone and City News Service contributed to this report.

Rolf Barnick September 16, 2011 at 10:29 PM
Rememer the CEO of VONS , Mr Steve Burd Pasycheck is almost 9.7 Million for each of the last five years. That does NOT include the Perks . So there ! He was trying to bust the Union in the 2003 Strike as well . Still he has the Nerve to call his Employees the most Valued . It is the Employee who made him all these Millions . So it backs the Question How many more Millions does he and the upper Manager need ? Also one must remember that most Employees are Part-time pehaps 16- 28 Hr per week . This CEO has little respect for his Employee and could care less . PERIOD ! Thank you for your time ,


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