Starbucks Gets Comfy on Torrey Pines; Opens Outdoor Lounge

Starbucks at Torrey Pines Road and Herschel Avenue opened an outdoor seating area last month and is rumored to serve beer and wine in the near future.

Starbucks at 1055 Torrey Pines Rd. opened now has more space for you to sip coffee. La Jolla's newest coffeehouse, which opened in August 2012, recently opened up a spacious outdoor seating area.

The seating area is in the old bank drive through space and partially shaded. It has counter seating with high-top chairs, tables with chair and bench seating, and plush seating with coffee tables.

Plus, Patch hears a rumor that Starbucks is looking into serving up beer and wine at this location in the future. (We will have an update shortly.)

What do you think of the new seating area and the possibility of beer and wine? Tell us in the comment section below.


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