Palo Alto’s StartX Unveils New Entrepreneurs

Some start-ups have begun hiring employees, giving workers the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of promising new companies.


Medical devices, tech solutions, toys that encourage math skills—all are ideas hatched into companies with the help of StartX, a start-up accelerator that aims to turn Stanford students into entrepreneurs whose companies rule the business world. Its intense, three-month program gives new entrepreneurs the connections, mentoring, funding and skills needed to run successful companies.

The summer 2012 crop of StartX companies has grown and blossomed. Some have already begun hiring employees.

The new entrepreneurs presented their bright visions for the future last week to community and business leaders in Palo Alto.

Here are the companies:

Numedii — NuMedii leverages vast amounts of molecular data to systematically and rapidly identify new and potentially efficacious indications for existing drugs. This reduces the cost, time and risk for developing new therapies

MorpheusMedical — Morpheus has created a non-invasive medical tool to diagnose structural heart disease. It takes a standard MRI and uses cloud computing and 3-D imaging to diagnose structural heart disease, affecting 60 million Americans.

Pixlee — Helps companies monetize the explosion of user-generated photos. Pixlee collects user-generated photos across multiple platforms, creating marketing profiles for companies.

VeeBot — VeeBot a medical robotics company that aims to mechanize the starting of IVs and the drawing of blood, the two most common forms of intravenous insertion.

GaussSurgical Billed by the company as surgery meets the iPad, Gauss Surgical monitors blood loss during surgery, eliminating the need for unnecessary transfusions. Gauss Surgical has cleared FDA approval and finished clinical trials. It si scheduled for a limited product launch in October.

DermLink — DermLink links patients and dermatologists using online dermatology (high quality photography) to help patients with any skin condition receive a fast and accurate diagnosis remotely, without visiting the dermatologist’s office. Patients can use our service regardless of their location. We help dermatologists reduce the number of unnecessary in-office patient visits and provide timely care to many more patients than possible today.

Knotch — Knotch bills itself as the social network of the future, allowing you to share your opinions on people, restaurants, movies and more.

CloudLeaps — CloudLeaps offers web and desktop apps that allows teams to improve collaboration by allowing them to visualized relationships between files in real time.

LawGives — A marketplace for legal services that allows lawyers to share their knowledge and skills, building their online reputation.

Addy -- Addy is a way for people to share their physical addresses using a custom URL.

Xola — Online booking platform that allows travel guides to grow their businesses.

ClearEar – ClearEar is a medical device company that focuses on developing innovative ear care technologies.

Roominate – Roominate is the first toy by Maykah, Inc. It’s designed to blur the lines between play and education. Company founders hope to inspire more young girls to study STEM (science, technology, engineering, math).

BallersBridge — A web-based sports community that allows athletes to market themselves globally.

Athena.ai Athena is mapping all human knowledge on one website.

LessThan3 Show off your real world identity online by showing the brands, characters and content you love.

GameClosue — GameClosure allows you to create games in JavaScript that run on many devices

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sister madly September 11, 2012 at 09:21 PM
so, pixlee will cull YOUR photos for companies to use for THEIR marketing. pfft. in the not too distant future you will be billed a placement fee for allowing a coke can in your family photos...ugh.


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