The Loose Leaf Organic Tea Brings its Blends to the La Jolla Farmers Market

Meet one of the La Jolla Open Aire Market's newest vendors - The Loose Leaf, an organic tea company.

The “new vendors on the block” at the La Jolla Open Aire Market are the owners of The Loose Leaf organic teas, Meghan Mercier and Courtney Smith. Though they have been at the La Jolla Open Aire Market for just a few months, Mercier and Smith have created a tea-lovers dream come true: a stand featuring all-organic teas. The Loose Leaf features teas like Body Balance, Insomnia Relief, Migraine Relief, Weight Loss, Detox, Fountain of Youth and other teas that aim to be both effective and deliciously refreshing.

Mercier said both their product and space at the Open Aire Market have changed dramatically over the past few months.

“We started here with a six-foot space and it was really small and then we ended up setting up a tent and having two tables set up so we’ve expanded quite a bit in the past four months,” she said. “Our products have changed and we’ve added more variety. We’ve incorporated a lot more normal tea blends like green teas, black teas, a lot of fruit blends, citrus blends and things like that, as we’ve been getting a lot more requests for it so we’re making what customers want. Our products have changed based on customer feedback. Our customers have a huge input in what we make.”

Patch caught up with a few tea drinkers at the farmers market in the past few weeks. Customer Bernie Miller talked about her experience at the La Jolla Open Aire Market and her visit to The Loose Leaf stand. “Today I got an energy tea, which is a great replacement for coffee. And I’ve got some spearmint tea and a Fountain of Youth. The tea seems promising, very promising so far, and I’m a well-seasoned tea drinker so I’m looking forward to drinking this.”

Mercier and Smith have many repeat customers.

Some of the stands bestsellers include the Insomnia Relief, Body Balance, Migraine Relief, Jasmine, Detox and Weight Loss Tea.

“When we sell people the Insomnia Relief Tea we tell people it’s a money-back guarantee. If you buy the tea and you still have your sleeping issues, bring back the tea and we’ll give your money back.  We sell about 20 of those Insomnia Relief Teas a week, and we’ve never had anyone return it,” Smith said.

Prices range from $13 per canister for 2 for $24. Each container holds about 30 to 40 cups of tea.

Stop by The Loose Leaf stand this Sunday or visit them online at looseleafblends.com.


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