Gas Hits the $5 Per Gallon Mark in La Jolla

Where to find the lowest gas prices in La Jolla.

Just in time for your summer roadtrip, the $5 gallon of gas. Gasp!

Gas prices have been ticking up for some time now, and the price just hit $5 per gallon of premium in La Jolla. If you don't feel like splurging on the good stuff, you can fill up on the “cheaper” grade from $4.36 at the Encon on La Jolla Parkway to $4.60 per gallon of regular at the 76 station on Pearl.

Let me break out the calculator. If your mid-sized car has a 16-gallon tank, you pay roughly $72 to fill up on regular. And your SUV or truck with a 26-gallon tank costs $126 to fill up with an estimated cost of $4.50 per gallon on regular gas.

Prices in the 92037 are well above the San Diego average of $4.243 and well above the national average of $3.931. Average gas prices for San Diego and the nation were provided by GasBuddy.com. The most expensive gas in La Jolla was $5.20 for a gallon of premium at the 76 station on Pearl—that is, if you pay with credit.

  1. Encon, 2204 Torrey Pines Rd.: The price for a gallon of regular was $4.36 $4.50 for unleaded plus, $4.60 for premium, and $4.54 for a gallon of diesel. This station is the least expensive.
  2. , 7475 La Jolla Blvd.: While this station is under construction, it is still open. The price per gallon of regular unleaded is $4.36, $4.50 for unleaded plus, $4.60 for premium, and $4.54 for diesel.
  3. , 3232 La Jolla Village Dr.: Prices were $4.50 for unleaded, $4.60 for unleaded plus, $4.70 for premium and $4.60 for diesel.
  4. , 801 Pearl St.: The cost per gallon was $4.60 for unleaded, $4.90 for unleaded plus, $5 for premium and $4.80 for diesel, if you pay with cash. With credit the prices jump to $4.80 for regular, $5.10 for plus, $5.20 for premium and $5 for a gallon of diesel.

Gas stations are ranked by the price per gallon of unleaded on May 2. Prices were rounded up $0.001 per gallon.


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