Find Out Where to Fill Up in La Jolla for Thanksgiving Travels

Fill up the car on Wednesday before heading off to fill up on that Thanksgiving Day feast.

Gas prices in 92037 are at least $0.09 more per gallon then the San Diego average of $3.78 and well above the national average of $3.45. Average gas prices for San Diego and the nation were provided by GasBuddy.com. The good news is that GasBuddy predicts prices are falling.

It is a good idea to fill up closer to home. Some of the highest gas stations in the county include $4.50 per gallon of regular at the Chevron on Garnet Avenue and Ingraham in Pacific Beach and $4.40 per gallon of regular at the Shell on 3015 Del Mar Heights Road and High Bluff Drive. Some of the least expensive stations were out in Escondido and San Marcos.

Gas Prices in La Jolla: Nov. 19

Station Regular Mid-grade Premium Diesel Encon $3.86 $4.00 $4.10 $4.40 Chevron $3.94 $4.08 $4.18 $4.36 Mobil $4.00 $4.10 $4.20 $4.30 76 (Cash) $4.00 $4.30 $4.50 $4.40 76 (Credit) $4.20 $4.50 $4.70 $4.60 76 (Full-Service) $5.70 $5.90 $6.00 $6.00

Prices were rounded up $0.001.

About this column: Find the cheapest gas in La Jolla with this weekly report.


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