Finally, Gas Less Than $4 a Gallon!

Gas prices in La Jolla fell to less $4 a gallon for regular at one gas station.

The price per gallon of regular gasoline finally fell below the $4 mark in La Jolla for the first time in months. GasBuddy, a national site dedicated to finding the least expensive gas and charting price trends, anticipates the prices will continue to come down.

While prices are falling, the price per gallon of regular gas in La Jolla is still more expensive than the county average of $3.80, state average of $3.812 and national average of $3.574, according to GasBuddy.

The least expensive gas in 92037 was $3.98 for a gallon of regular at the Encon off Torrey Pines Road and La Jolla Shores Boulevard. The most expensive gas was the $6 gallon of full-service premium at the 76 station on Pearl.

The on La Jolla Boulevard and Pearl Street is closed for renovations.

  1. Encon, 2204 Torrey Pines Rd.: The price for a gallon of regular was $3.98, $4.10 for unleaded plus, $4.20 for premium, and $4.40 for a gallon of diesel. This station is the least expensive. The price per gallon fell a few cents from two weeks ago.
  2. , 3232 La Jolla Village Dr.: Prices fell the most at this station near Interstate 5. Prices were $4.06 for unleaded, $4.16 for unleaded plus, $4.26 for premium and $4.30 for diesel. The price per regular was down $0.14 from two weeks ago.
  3. , 801 Pearl St.: This station offers different pricing for cash, credit and full service. If you pay cash, the price per gallon of regular is $4.20, $4.50 for plus, $4.72 for premium and $4.40 for diesil. If you pay with a credit card, the price per gallon of regular jumps to $4.40 per regular, $4.70 for plus, $4.92 for premium and $4.56 for diesel. And if you don't care to pump yourself, the price per gallon of full-service regular unleaded gasonline is $5.70, $5.90 for plus and $6 per gallon of plus or diesel.

Gas stations are ranked by the price per gallon of unleaded on June 26. Prices were rounded up $0.001 per gallon.


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