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Things Get 'Bizarre' at George's

Andrew Zimmern from "Bizarre Foods" paid a visit to Chef Trey Foshee at George's at the Cove in La Jolla.

Andrew Zimmern is known for his trips around the world and his big bites of ox hearts and giraffe beetles. But Zimmern is taking a break from his worldly travels and keeping it close to home this season of Bizarre Foods.

Bizarre Foods America takes viewers across our nation and a look at the bizarre foods we eat everyday, right in our own backyards. Of course, Chef Trey Foshee at  warns to take that with a grain of salt.

“Bizarre is a relative term,” Foshee said. “It just means outside your comfort level.”

Foshee had to step outside his own comfort level when Zimmern paid a visit to the award-winning chef's kitchen earlier this year. While his confidence is evident in his beautifully-plated dishes, being on camera was a bit intimidating for the executive chef and part-owner of George's.

“[Notable chef] Jacques Pepin told me if you’re natural on TV then you should be on TV,” Foshee said. “And if you’re not a natural on TV, it doesn’t matter how hard you work on it, you’re not gonna be a natural on TV.”

But the talented chef, who's been a part of George's since 1999, said Zimmern made him feel comfortable around the camera. Nothing was planned out, no cues were made, which let Foshee concentrate on what he does best–cooking!

“There is very little set up when you’re filming with [Zimmern],” Foshee said. “They just turn on the cameras and let things do what they’re going to do. It made me feel at ease.”

Chef Foshee couldn't divulge all of the bizarre happenings at the restaurant, but he did say that the crew knew what ingredients they wanted to work with.

“They gave us a lot of freedom for what dishes to prepare, but they wanted sea urchin worked in," Foshee said. “And the one dish I can tell you we made for him is the .”

Want to see more strange stuff? The episode that features George's and other San Diego eateries is set to air sometime in July, according to a spokesperson for the Travel Channel, so you can see for yourself what Foshee made Zimmern.

And look out for more thoughts on bizarre foods from Chef Foshee in the days to come, including a recipe!

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