Behind the Doors of A Better Deal Tuxedos

Learn more about the 16-year-old La Jolla store.

Whether looking to buy or rent a tux—A Better Deal Tuxedos has become the go-to spot for La Jolla elites.

Jerry Klein, who owns ABD Tuxedo with wife Janet, spoke to Patch about his 16-year-old business that will soon expand its space to 3,000 square feet.

Patch: Why did you choose La Jolla to open your business?    

Klein: We live here and we had prior experience in the industry. We didn't go into formal wear not knowing what we need to do in the way of constructing and marketing—we were brought up in business. We also knew about the potential this type of business had here in La Jolla—we know that La Jolla is the center of a lot of formal wear functions. So, we took advantage of our past history and what was available here and since 1996, we've been blessed.

Patch: What distinguishes your business from others in the same industry?

Klein: The ability to have the inventory on site and to be able to handle anywhere between five to 20 weddings a week. Our customers can try on the clothes here on the spot and walk out of the door in 30 minutes looking like a million bucks.

Patch: What are some of the current challenges you face as a business owner?

Klein: Our current challenge is the economy and how it affects our customers. Some people are gainfully employed and can afford to go to special events but others cannot.

Patch: What's the best business advice you've been given?

Klein:  Always keep your mind focused and do the best job you possibly can.

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Congratulations to Jerry and Janet Klein. They are the nicest people and treat me like family. They run a great business and have a wonderful staff too. I have had my restaurant in La Jolla since 2005 where I first bought a beautiful tuxedo for the National Restaurant Association awards downtown. I have had fast and excellent fittings for 4 other suits I have enjoyed over the years and the best was this past December where I purchased designer silk ties for all the guys in my family for Christmas with great pricing. Congratulations for 16 years of success! Jerry and Janet are awesome.
Hoa Quách June 25, 2012 at 06:03 PM
Kevin, We should write about Extreme Pizza next! Contact me at hoa.quach@patch.com if you're interested in being our next featured business! Best, Hoa


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