A Burger Joint for Burger People

This week's pick is a forthright patty purveyor that uses ingredients from happy animals, fresh veggies, and employs green business practices.

With the quest for a good—no, exceptional—burger consistently turning up on diner agendas, La Jolla Patch has done the legwork for you.

Burgerdom was built on foundations of a time-efficient, inexpensive meal leaving you with just the right feeling of satisfaction. That’s why this week's Bites Nearby suggestion is a straight-up patty slinger that keeps it real: .

Grass fed animals, fresh fixings, yummy buns, and straightforward salads and sides. This is the stuff burger people are made of, and it’s what they get at this boutique-casual eatery on the corner of Wall and Herschel in downtown La Jolla.

Your decision is basically this: meat or veggie, fries or onion rings, dessert or not. Whatever you choose, the total price hovers somewhere in the vicinity of $10 to 15—less if you forgo sides and drinks.

If you do choose a burger, whether in the traditional beef form or the vegetarian alteration, you’re going to get a bountiful patty here, spilling out from the confines of a fresh Lounge bun, and topped with the usual lettuce, tomato, onion and a choice of American or white cheddar cheese. A house-made Thousand Island rounds out the stack, unless you’re put off by dressings, in which case you can just order it without.

If you’re dining à deux, a regular order of fries ($2.55) or onion rings ($3.55) is perfect to share—unless you’re really ambitious, in which case there’s a large option.

Salads grace the menu, providing a leafy option; cupcakes are present for dessert hankerers; and milkshakes are available ensuring an authentic burger joint experience.

And, oh yeah, we forgot to mention they’re a certified green business, so customers can feel good about this too, on top of a happy belly.

Michelle Mowad April 21, 2011 at 10:04 PM
I want to point out that you can not see the very left part of this burger because the writer had already taken a bite.
Angie Brenner Matthias April 21, 2011 at 10:23 PM
It's true...I temporarily lost control in the face of a delicious burger placed before me!


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