alt.pictureshows Returns to MCASD La Jolla

Film lovers should head to the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego in La Jolla Thursday evening for a night of short film screenings and other art happenings.

The much anticipated film festival is back on Thursday night, Aug. 25 from 7 to 10 p.m. and tickets for the event, including all of the screenings are just $5.

The showcase has proven its popularity in the past with patrons lined up down the block, according to Filmmaker and MCASD Film Curator Neil Kendricks. 

“You can’t go to the movies for just five bucks nowadays,” he said.

Kendricks also explained how at most film festivals, viewers must pay per screening or per room, but at alt.pictureshows, $5 gets you access to 17 short films along with other happenings including a fashion show inspired by Cathy Alberich’s documentary Ready to Wear.

Kendricks describes the event as a “hybrid of a film festival, installation, and art happening, all going on at the same time coherently, and organically.”

Viewers are encouraged to wander about and discover what interests them.  Instead of sitting and watching one feature film, the short film showcase, “pushes people to look at films in an active way instead of passively,” Kendricks said.

One filmmaker, Teri Carson, who grew up in La Jolla, is premiering her short film titled Heartbreak in 209 Cuts.  The film is a comedy about the aftermath of a breakup and the "209 cuts" refers to the number of film cuts in the production.

Inspired by Carson’s own emotional experience, she hopes viewers, especially women, will be able to identify with the piece and, “laugh and have an emotional connection,” Carson said.

This is not Carson’s first short film or first time in the alt.pictureshows, but it is her first attempt at taking on every technical role in the film making process and creating a short film completely on her own.

Carson is proud of her work and of her ability to, “find humor in some of the darkest points of my life,” she said.

There will be five screening areas at the festival including animation, edgy and disturbing, and comedic, according to Kendricks.

Some award winning films screenings include the winner of Best Short Film at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, Matt Piedmont’s Brick Novax’s Diary and 2010 Academy Award winner for Best Animated Short Film Logorama.

Most of the films contain adult content and are not recommended for children.


‘Toon Town Troublemakers’ Detention Hall, Session II (Sherwood Auditorium)

  • Jupitor Elicius (6 min.) by Kelly Sears
  • Storm (10 min.) by Cesar Cabral
  • Logorama(16 min.) by Francois Alaux, Herve de Crecy and Ludovic Houplain
  • Brick Novax’s Diary(16 min.) by Matt Piedmont
  • Comics Are Everywhere Extended Trailer (3:10 min.) by Neil Kendricks

Global Wanderlust Station (Axline Court)

  • Heartbreak in 209 Cuts (7:27 min.) by Teri Carson
  • We’re Leaving (13 min.) by Zachary Treitz
  • Skateistan: To Live and Skate Kabul (9 min.) by Orlando von Einsiedel
  • Three Wheels (16:30 min.) by Tony Wei

Delirum Alley (Coast Room)

  • All Flowers in Time (14 min.) by Jonathan Caouette
  • Danse Macabre (8 min.) by Pedro Pires
  • Yearbook (10 min.) by Carter Smith
  • Baby (25 min.) by Daniel Mulroy

Ready-To-Wear Crash Pad (thoughtLAB)

  • Ready to Wear (25 min.) by Cathy Alberich

The Wailing Wall (Miles Terrace)

  • Orlando’s Donde Vas music video (4:43 min.) by Aaron Soto
  • Orlando’s Solo Dios Sabe music video (4:42 min.) by Aaron Soto
  • Santelle’s Unamonos music video (6:24 min.) by Aaron Soto

Schedule provided by MCASD.

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