It's What's Under the Crust that Matters

Hannah Cohen bakes sweet and savory mini pies for all occasions.

Hannah Cohen calls her mini pies the “cupcakes of the pie world.” As the chef and owner of Under The Crust, Cohen handcrafts classic and special, sweet and savory mini pies.

“It’s a labor of love. It really is done by hand. Every crust is put into each tin. It’s a process – luckily I do love them so much,” said Cohen at the . 

Her current featured pie is the s’more variety – “perfect for a person who loves a decadent sweet,” said Cohen. The s’more pie has a layer of graham cracker pastry crust, chocolate mousse and honey marshmallows homemade from local raw honey.

There are currently 12 flavors offered on her Web site, from the classic apple pie to a veggie pot pie and a cream-sickle pie, which is made with vanilla cheesecake, swirled with orange jam and topped with candied orange. Cohen expects to add eight new flavors each month.

She started Under The Crust several months ago after first making the pies for her friends and family.

“They wanted something different from cupcakes. I spent my childhood in the south, where I was introduced to pies. The pecan pie is straight from Atlanta,” said Cohen. “I thought they were adorable – why not start a business?”

Under The Crust mini pies can also be purchased and shipped through her Web site. She offers her mini pies for birthday parties, weddings and other special events. Cohen is currently designing a wedding pie similar to a cupcake stand with lace and ribbon around the tins.

Cohen will soon add kid-inspired pies, including flavors: peanut butter and jelly, milk and cereal and chocolate covered pretzel.

Cohen attended culinary school where she studied savory cooking, but said she always found herself working in a bake shop or pastry cooking.

“I couldn’t decide between the two,” said Cohen, who found a way to combine her passions with her sweet and savory mini pies.

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