Flu Vaccine Scarce in Our Area

There are no flu vaccines currently available at many drug stores and health care provider facilities.

People scared by the national news of a nasty flu epidemic have been racing to find their flu shots, with little luck locally.

The pharmacist at Tarrytown’s Walgreens reports that the phone is ringing off the hook with people on the hunt for a place to get their vaccines.

Neither of the two CVSs in Tarrytown nor the Walgreens has the shot available now. Nor would most any doctor, the Walgreens pharmacist who only gave his name as Kevin, said.

“They are releasing it in small quantities, and when we had some people were lining up from all over the county,” he said.

No pharmacist at the three local chains could speculate when they would get more.

“Were waiting on them,” the Walgreens pharmacist said.

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joe January 15, 2013 at 07:39 PM
Does anyone in the media want to explain WHY there is a shortgage. (another example of govt intervention and unintended cosequenses) Only a fraction of pharmaceudical companies manufacture vaccine anymore. Then-First Lady Hillary Clinton Managed A Take-Over Of The Pediatric Vaccine Industry. “Before her big health-care reform crashed and burned in 1994, Hillary Rodham Clinton managed to get Congress to pass a government vaccine-buying program for children; her sales pitch was free vaccines for all kids and higher immunization rates.” (Editorial, “Infectious Politics,” The Wall Street Journal, 10/14/04) • “Thus the government now purchases about 60% of all pediatric vaccines, forcing huge discounts and imposing price caps.” (Editorial, “Infectious Politics,” The Wall Street Journal, 10/14/04) The Pharmaceutical Industry Portrayed As Greedy To Justify Big Government Power Grab. “President Clinton persuaded Congress to establish the program in 1993 by arguing that vaccine manufacturers were pursuing ‘profits at the expense of our children.’” (Robert Pear, “Audit By Congress Faults A Program For Free Vaccines,” The New York Times, 6/25/95)
joe January 15, 2013 at 08:48 PM
The real reason there is a shortage of flu vaccine is that there are now only a fraction of companies producing the vaccine. The reason there are fewer producers is because Hillary Clinton (just before Hillary-care crashed and burned) managed to pass a law which gave away free vaccines. To do this, the feds bought 60% of the vaccines at reduced prices. This enabled only "Big Pharma" to compete. All the smaller companies could not turn a profit, so they stopped producing. ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF BIG GOVERNMENT, AND UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.


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