2 DEAD IN RIVERSIDE COUNTY: Possible Flu Victims

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that everyone 6 months old and older receive a flu vaccination each year.

The following is a news release from County of Riverside Department of Public Health:

A man and child who recently died tested positive for influenza, though Riverside County health officials are saying the cause of death has not been determined.

The 22-year-old man from Hemet tested positive for Influenza A and died earlier this month after being briefly hospitalized, according to Dr. Cameron Kaiser, interim public health officer for Riverside County. The 4-year-old girl from Perris tested positive for Influenza B and died earlier this month after being taken to a local emergency room, Kaiser said.

Officials do not know how long it will take to determine whether the influenza contributed to the deaths in any way.  Riverside County has seen some recent increases in instances of influenza-like illness in the region but the overall flu activity is within the normal range.

Officials emphasize there are ways to reduce the chances of catching the flu. Obtaining an influenza vaccination is important and the most effective protection against flu viruses, Kaiser said. Flu vaccine is available through the county Family Care Centers, pharmacies and physician offices.  There is time to get vaccinated in order to be protected against flu viruses.

Effective hand washing and proper covering of coughs and sneezing also help to prevent the spread of flu.  Individuals, who are ill with cough and fever, are encouraged not to go work or school to limit exposure of co-workers and classmates.

Most individuals recover from the flu by getting plenty of rest, drinking plenty of fluids.  A health care provider should be contacted for severe illness.  It is important to inform the health care facility of symptoms so appropriate precautions can be taken to avoid exposure of other individuals.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that everyone 6 months old and older receive a flu vaccination each year.

Danielle Raymond January 20, 2013 at 07:48 PM
My 63 year old mother, my 13 and 15 yr old sons, and I (I'm 37) have never, ever had a flu shot, and have always been fine. I know plenty of people who never get them, and don't have a problem. I have also seen a few people get the flu shot, then come down with a terrible flu.
Constant Comment January 20, 2013 at 10:57 PM
Brenda, you don't have to be sorry about anything you write or the length of it. O-Really can scroll over it if he thinks its too long. Personally I like reading what you have to say. Keep up the good work!! }~)
Brenda January 21, 2013 at 07:49 PM
I agree Danielle and my husband is one of those that does not get the flu shot and hardly ever gets sick. If he does its a little sniffle. Once about every other year he gets a flu type thing that lands him in bed for a day or two, drinking bottles of nyquil(alcohol, lol) sweats it out, more tylenol, more diet coke. Then on the 2nd or 3rd day he jumps out of bed with a lingering cough and is on his way. I could ring his neck except that makes him ready to help the rest of us who stay on the sick bed for a week or two. One of our daughters is the same way and with going to college and working full time with my 4 yr old grandson, thank God she is like her dad. I never used to get them then it was always recommended when I got rheumatoid arthritis and all the medication for it depleted my immune system to ZERO. I still get colds, pnemonia (had those shots too) and I find I get sick just about the same with or without the flu shot.
Brenda January 21, 2013 at 07:55 PM
CC !!!! I have missed you and your articulate, witty, oftentimes "cohesive" comments on articles. (LOL) Hope you have had a good Patch vacation.
Constant Comment January 23, 2013 at 04:22 AM
Thank you Brenda, I did! Holidays with the entire family, is always a good time! }~)


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